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Tips A simple way to bypass data throttle

I noticed one day after my speeds had been throttled that they suddenly shot back up, so I did some digging and came across a post that had a simple easy and fast solution...

When you have 4g signal place your hand over the top of the phone until it switches to 3g
Then remove your hand and sit the phone down. If your 4g signal is strong enough it will soon switch back to 4g and your throttle should be gone.

*This is not a permanent fix, you will have to do this each time you notice your speeds are throttled

I use PDAnet to tether my internet to my pc and have used this method to download movies, games, shows, music etc, well after I was throttled.

speeds changed from 24/kbs to over 2mbs
*Also my phone is not rooted


#1 Abella7x, Jul 18, 2014
Tried so many apps, rooting, deleting, flashing and nothing worked. Found this post this morning tried it and it worked like a charm. Before I tried it I was getting 74/kbs and now im back up to just over 8mbs.
Now, if you have any tips or suggestions on how to get around paying for hotspot, I'd reeeallly be a happy guy :p
but either way,
Thanks for the great tip!!!!!!
#2 jeff02, Jul 18, 2014

Actually there is a easy way to get around paying for the hotspot feature if you don't mind spending $2.49 one time for the app

here is the link for the app
#3 Abella7x, Jul 18, 2014
the app errors and disconnects 5 times a day.. it works but it needs fixed and updated
#4 neoison, Jul 26, 2014
Well, you're the only one reporting anything like that so its pretty obvious the problem is on your end ... User error.
#5 robaho, Jul 26, 2014
You're welcome. I'm surprised nobody has credited me for this finding, as I was the first one who noticed it, it seems.
#6 masterchief3k, Jul 31, 2014
I don't get throttled . VM still not counting my 4g data so guess I'm lucky one.
#7 jamstewonline, Jul 31, 2014
Update: Now it's not working. All of a sudden my data throttled half way through an episode of continuum on netflix, and it won't go back with this trick. After 5 months of it being flawless, I guess they fixed it? Anyone else confirm this isn't working anymore?

Oddly enough, the counter online just said "MB Used: MB" with no number.. That's not normal..
#8 masterchief3k, Aug 6, 2014
Have you updated to v7?

Are you rooted?

I know v7 added the itson UID, not sure if that may be what is causing the issue now.

ItsOn Inc
#9 bkttk2, Aug 6, 2014
Yes. Rooted. This phone has been in use exclusively on v6 for five months as an Internet phone. Our alternative was satellite. We got this to replace satellite, and it did a great job for months. As soon as LTE rolled out in my area, I bought two F3s and rooted them. Haven't been able to test the normal use one but the tether one suddenly won't let me use this trick anymore. I won't touch v7. I am wondering if I should try going back to v5 on it, seeing if the trick is only for me or if others are suddenly not able to escape the throttle now.
#10 masterchief3k, Aug 7, 2014
I am unable to escape the throttle either. When my plan runs out I am not renewing it. We should all get together and cancel our service at the end of the month and demand results and get the service back until changes are made. Is it not pointless to have this service anyway the way it is? Or am I the only one that thinks this way? As this throttling is just unbearable and with no way around it I really think something should be done.
#11 willmon22, Aug 11, 2014
I never come close to throttle because I have WiFi most of the time... I think most are the same...
#12 robaho, Aug 11, 2014
All the major cell carriers are throttling what they call high speed data, or 4g. Unless you're willing to pay alot more for service, good luck finding a carrier with true unlimited 4g data.
#13 jrc5150, Aug 12, 2014
I've tried to cover my hand on the top of the phone. Forcing it into 3g then back to 4g it goes in about 1 minute. I can not escape the 30k throttle. If it was a true 2G 256k throttle I would not complain. Virgin is lying to its customers and when you call VM? Your talking to the philippines call center. They can't do anything about it but if you talk to a manager and complain enough? They will reset your data. But then 2.5gb later it will cap again at 30kb a sec. 1000kb = 1mb
#14 neoison, Aug 12, 2014
They may say 2G speeds in reality is usually around 150Kbps and even though on their site it says 2G speeds I have seen in a note before the new throttling went into effect that it was going to be 128Kbps so yes they are giving us the throttling they said they were going to. They just shouldn't be allowed doing all of this switching for current customers and should only apply to new customers. But will they do anything about this highly unlikely.
#15 willmon22, Aug 12, 2014
This is correct. As I just mentioned in another thread, if this throttling wasn't going on, the cell networks would be heavily congested. Unfortunate for some, but needed, otherwise people who really need to make phone calls can't do it, like in an emergency. Don't get me wrong, I love having web access without WiFi, but I wouldn't want to lose the ability to make calls either. If the cell networks can be made to be as robust as high speed fiber optic internet, then nobody would be throttled I suppose. Until then...
#16 daffyducknj, Aug 13, 2014
Well the throttle they have isn't a throttle like they have for contract users. Prepaid is a set throttle at a set cap. For contract it only takes effect when a tower is down or is getting overloaded. And even then it won't slow you down to 128Kbps. The carriers are lying as they aren't doing their jobs. All they want to do is make as much money as possible by throttling the heck out of prepaid users for no reason and partially throttling contract users. If they had the same throttling as for contract I am sure things would be fine. All they need to do is have smart metrics put into place so then the network evens out for everyone that happens to be downloading really big files. But are they going to do this? No. Not until someone decides to take action and stop them from taking your right to browse the web at a decent speed. The FCC isn't doing much but at least they are trying to stop them.
#17 willmon22, Aug 13, 2014
Thanks for sharing, This is helpful.

Another thread/Guide on this topic.
Read this for popcorn time throttling:
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