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any gsm phones for boost mobile?

hi all,
as most prepaid carriers started selling gsm phones anticipating
cdma signal shutdown by 2015, what is boost doing about it? anyone have any idea? thanks.


#1 akmsr, Sep 25, 2013
I think you're confusing Boost Mobile with Metro PCS. Boost Mobile is a Sprint prepaid network and Sprint uses CDMA & LTE. They are shutting down their WiMax towers in the near future though. Metro PCS just recently got bought out by T-Mobile. Metro was a CDMA carrier while T-Mobile a GSM carrier. Since they are incompatible technologies, T-Mobile plans to shutdown the CDMA network in 2015 and re-incorporate Metro's LTE into their own since it runs on the same frequency.
#2 jhawkkw, Sep 25, 2013
ah! the picture is getting a little clear. so you are saying CDMA signal as a general are here to stay. just metro's cdma will shut down. right?
#3 akmsr, Sep 25, 2013
I imagine CDMA will eventually be shut down as they move towards LTE and newer technologies, but I don't expect that for quite a few more years. Maybe when we start getting closer to 2019 or 2020, but definitely not any time soon. As for the immediate future, only Metro and maybe Cricket (just recently got bought out by AT&T which is yet another GSM carrier), but there's been no word on a Cricket shutdown that I've seen.
#4 jhawkkw, Sep 25, 2013
On a side note what's up with all these GSM carriers buying up CDMA carriers? Something is going on here and I'm not sure what it is. I also noticed that 4glte is a Qualcomm technology. Could it be that the GSM carriers are buying out the CDMA networks in order to get hold of their CDMA towers so that they get an instant boost on their 4g?

I also noticed that on my S3 I can call and surf the net at the same time, through 3g not wifi. A friend told me about a year back that that was never going to happen! Well the time has come. Take that AT&T. CDMA phones can do talk and surf simultaneously.
#5 kolosus, Sep 28, 2013
lol that is silly I had been able to do that on the motion since last year. (notice 4glte phones tend to have a simcard)
#6 DirtyDee, Oct 27, 2013
I realize this is slightly old but I thought I would address this, with 4G LTE phones, at least those using CDMA tech the voice is running through cdma radio and the data is through the LTE radio and they are both on at the same time.
On GSM the voice and data can run through the 3g radio at the same time. However in a twist the GSM and LTE radio can not be on at the same time and so if your on a call with the GSM/LTE phone the LTE shuts down and if you surf the web its on 3G.
#7 new optimus, Nov 30, 2013
Yep noticed that to when calls come in dropped right to 3g I wonder if it'd because I am using a. Att branded phone
#8 DirtyDee, Dec 1, 2013