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General Anyone who ordered from Amazon...

And has not shipped yet. Waiting for "Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We'll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date. You can cancel at any time."

Please update us when you get your estimated date...


#1 lewi3069, Apr 26, 2011
Waiting for the same thing...I got my order in, but still waiting for delivery estimate...
#2 Ryan02Stang, Apr 26, 2011
Mines preparing to ship, estimated for tomorrow and I cannot cancel or change the order. I ordered the minute it went live, if that helps.
#3 hanano17, Apr 26, 2011
I ordered mine around 10am CST this morning. Amazon put them back up at $399 for a short period of time.
#4 Ryan02Stang, Apr 26, 2011
Naw... that just makes me sad... lol
#5 lewi3069, Apr 26, 2011
I was very excited today but now I'm just numb. What's with Asus treating us like those apple users.
#6 LunchBB, Apr 26, 2011
I emailed Amazon to see if they had any insight into when they are receiving more stock and got the response below:

#7 Ryan02Stang, Apr 27, 2011
Looks like real bad news! I kept pressing Amazon to let me know when Asus would be shipping them more Transformers and got the below response;

#8 Ryan02Stang, Apr 27, 2011
JUNE!?!?!?!?! That is not right... I'm going to start laying some pressure on them... :mad:
#9 lewi3069, Apr 27, 2011
I want to know how Best Buy is getting a huge shipment by this Friday, and Amazon is not until June 10th??
#10 Ryan02Stang, Apr 27, 2011
Where is your information coming from that Best Buy is getting a huge shipment this Friday?
#11 MJBarnes, Apr 27, 2011
I know several people that ordered from Best Buy with in store pickup...all have been told they will be in this Friday.
#12 Ryan02Stang, Apr 27, 2011
I received mone from walmart. Now im going to caccel my order amazon.
#13 LunchBB, Apr 28, 2011
I didn't see it up for pre-order yesterday, but today when I signed on, I saw a pre-order through Target on Amazon. It said the item was not yet available, but I went ahead and placed my pre-order. It also didn't give me a ship date.
#14 Paul T, Apr 28, 2011
I signed up @ Amazon to be auto-notified of new stock. Got an email earlier today that the item was back in stock, immediately went to the page where it told me the item is OOS and there was no known date for re-stocking. : /

Edit: Scratch that. It was Newegg, not Amazon. Getting my emails confused.
#15 Gunner, Apr 28, 2011
Just got an email from Amazon that said I will be receiving one between May 16 and the 26. Still a long wait!
#16 Ryan02Stang, Apr 29, 2011
Got an email for May 19th-June somthing as well. I hope it happens sooner than that.
#17 inphoenix, Apr 29, 2011
Just got an email from Amazon saying mine will ship early next week. Very surprising because I ordered mid-day on the 26th.
#18 ms960, Apr 29, 2011
I ordered mine at 3:30 or 3:40 am on the 26; received an estimate of may 3rd-may 7th the evening of the next day (27th). Received shipping notice this morning (30th). all times EST.
#19 you2, Apr 30, 2011
I can't believe it is taking so long from Amazon! It seems like everyone that ordered from a different site on April 26 has now receieved theirs.

Has anyone actually gotten one from Amazon?
#20 Ryan02Stang, May 3, 2011