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Support Best/easiest app to transfer sms over from old phone?

I am trying to transfer my text messages from my Vivid to my new One X. In the past I would just use 'SMS Backup' and put my old ones on my SD card and then put the card in my new phone and restore.

Since this phone doesn't have external storage are their any apps people could recommend to make this as easy and painless as possible? Thanks!


#1 snvyas, May 5, 2012
I use SMS Backup and Restore by Infolife LLC. Install it on both phones first. Backs everything up to a file in the 'SMSbackup' folder on the SD, then I copy the file to the same folder on the SD in the new phone via my PC and and restore using the same software. Been fine so far for me.
#2 Vimto, May 5, 2012
I also recommend SMS Backup and Restore - this is how I transferred my wife's texts from her Desire to the One X.

#3 Rhyan, Aug 20, 2012
Even easier - use the app "MySMS." It puts all of your SMS's on a web interface (which is kind of neat in its own right for reading and replying via web rather than via phone), and then when you install the app on the new phone it will upload them from the web interface to the phone.

It's how I got my texts restored after I accidentally wiped my phone (unlocked the bootloader without backing up, I'm dumb).
#4 TheBobmanNH, Aug 20, 2012
Just made an account to say thank you for the tip on using SMS Backup and Restore! It worked perfectly for switching over from my Note to shiny new Note II!

I'll probably be donating a few bucks :) Thanks!
#5 Zaya da slaya, Feb 12, 2013
Both your two phones have blue tooth? u can blue tooth send the SMS over old phone.
Does it have a memory card that both phones can use? Just save messages to the memory card and then transfer SMS from Vivid to new One X.
#6 cleoannie, May 17, 2013
I tried SMS Backup and Restore but found it useless. It wouldn't save to my SD card and spent ages recognising my Galaxy S4.
I ended up using Backuptrans SMS sync. OK it cost money, but it worked first time! I've now saved all my SMS and transfered them to my other phone.
#7 Android Jezzer, Nov 24, 2014
SMS Backup and Restore worked to migrate my messages from Nexus 5 to my Nexus 6.
#8 MKeditor, Nov 28, 2014
What kind of the sh*t of the "best answer"?
Just do it with Phone Transfer from Transfer Phone .com
#9 JohannaJulian, Oct 13, 2015 Last edited: Jan 28, 2016

There are many free mobile and desktop SMS backup apps. You are free to choose the one you like. For me, Androidphonesoft Android Assistant is a nice program for Android device management.
#10 Jamie Scarlett, Mar 28, 2016 Last edited: Nov 28, 2016