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Root [Boost Mobile] Hidden Menu

Hidden menu is basically all the dialer codes, you can access a million different things, BE AWARE, YOU CAN MESS UP YOUR PHONE IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, anyways here's the link
http://androidforums.com/showthread.php?t=529127 Sprint/Boost ## codes for the ZTE Warp
#2 downthemachine, Jun 5, 2012
To get to your hidden menu you need to down load on to your phone 1. launcher pro 2. Twisted home 3. Quick shortcut maker after you install these 3 go to twisted home and click on launcher pro after launcher pro is enabled go to quick shortcut maker click on it and start scrolling through files till you come to hidden menu click on it and pick which hidden menu file you are wanting. option will pop up that says hidden menu. delete the name hidden menu and rename file anything you want other then hidden menu. a short cut will be created on your home screen and will be the way you will be able to access files in your hidden menu. Also if you long hold anywhere on your home screen box will pop up choose short cuts and you will notice there is now 2 activities folders. Choose the new one and scroll till you see hidden menu click on it and it will give you more hidden menu files.
#3 MzLizz23, Dec 20, 2013

hidden menu is only the data menu.. all the other ones are emode..
#4 smartmanvartan, Dec 20, 2013

thats nice this will work for most launchers offering activities shortcut... adw, holo,..etc
#5 smartmanvartan, Dec 20, 2013
This accesses certain things but not all the hidden menu places... its still pretty handy though for testing purposes :)
#6 Skinnyjeans21, Dec 20, 2013