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Support Caller ID Not Working (Shows "Unknown")

Love this phone! Unfortunately caller ID isn't working, callers' names or numbers don't show up and my screen only shows "Unknown" when I get calls. I tried calling from another cell and 2 landlines and all show up as unknown. Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix? I've called LG and VM and so far they couldn't resolve it. VM reprogrammed phone then escalated issue to HQ.



#1 android194, Apr 6, 2011
As far as the phone is concerned, everyone is unknown if they are not in your contacts, there isn't a "true" caller ID (built in, there are apps that can do that). Did you call your phone from a number that is in your contacts?

ETA, When I get a call from a strange number I think i do see the phone number even though I don't get the name, though...your issue sounds a little different.
#2 lizm, Apr 12, 2011
Regardless of them being in your contacts or not, they still show up with the phone number. Chances are the caller either has their number blocked or set anonymous.
#3 MacFett, Apr 12, 2011
This wasn't an issue with people calling me having their caller ID blocked and I tested all that first. It was with my phone or service and a major issue since caller ID is one of the most important features. During and after the 10 days VM said it would take to work on this, I called back and they said they sent me a text alert (I didn't get it) then transferred me to someone who quickly fixed it. He answered as "technical support" and sounded American so I wonder if he works at Sprint. Maybe the same place the escalation number posted here goes to, or maybe VM. When I called VM before I asked if their tech support could fix this and the rep said no and escalated it.

Anyway all this tech guy had to do to fix the issue was click a caller ID setting on his computer. lol He said they have 2, caller ID and caller ID block (one is for incoming and the other for outbound calls). I had him change both since both were set incorrectly for my needs then tested both and they work now. The outgoing one is listed in your preferences on virginmobileusa.com (mine says "Caller ID Blocking ON") but unfortunately you have to call customer service to change it (why?). A few weeks ago I had them turn on that blocking and it took 2-3 calls just to get that done correctly. The first rep sounded like she was new at this and unfamiliar with the controls. Also it's kind of hard to understand each other due to support being in another country. Then later they must have changed that one back to OFF when they tried to fix the inbound. lol

There were a few possibilities I had guessed as to why inbound wasn't working but thought they were remote: the outbound caller ID change (first rep clicked the wrong one?), porting my number from Verizon, apps, and hardware. It's hard to believe it took a few calls and escalation to get something this simple fixed. This type of hassle is exactly why I hate calling tech support for computers or anything and just go online and fix things myself 99% of the time. A problem is there is NOTHING about this issue (at least not for VM) in the help or FAQ on virginmobileusa.com or anywhere on the web for that matter. Now there is. Not knowing for certain if the issue was hardware or software, just in case I also took the phone to Best Buy and exchanged it before the 30 days ran out. I called VM again just before doing that and still no resolution at that point so what the heck. I was just about ready to change my number back to one from VM if they didn't get it fixed this time.

Thanks tech support guy and now I'm very satisfied with this phone and service! I was anyway but really needed caller ID to work. I've also had some data network downtime but heard they were working on it so I hope it gets resolved.

Is there an app for these higher level hidden caller ID etc. settings? I guess your phone might have to be rooted or something to change them.
#4 android194, Apr 22, 2011