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Support Camera Gallery is gone HTC One M8

I am using the Android camera app. Yesterday when I opened the camera app I noticed my gallery thumbnail is gray with no images. When I click on it the gallery will no longer open


When I go into general settings inside camera app and scroll down to storage it is defaulted to phone storage but also grayed out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


#1 Ty Fischer, Dec 29, 2014 Last edited by a moderator: Dec 29, 2014
I embedded the image for you. :)

Did you update to Android 5.0 (lollipop?) The gallery goes away with the new version and it replaced by Photos.

You can always try a replacement gallery app like QuickPic.
#2 lunatic59, Dec 29, 2014
Moved to the M8 forum, the guys here should be able to help.
#3 El Presidente, Dec 29, 2014
Lollipop is not available yet for the M8 unrooted version
#4 Ty Fischer, Dec 29, 2014
Thank you
#5 Ty Fischer, Dec 29, 2014
Is the gallery app still listed in your app drawer? Or is it grayed out there, too?

I'd verify that your images are still there with a file browser, specifically /sdcard/DCIM/Camera, unless HTC plays some file games with where camera images are stored by default.
#6 lunatic59, Dec 29, 2014
Not using a SD Card. In File Manager /phone storage/DCIM/Camera is there
#7 Ty Fischer, Dec 29, 2014
Interesting. /sdcard is almost universally the internal user storage location and not an external card.
#8 lunatic59, Dec 29, 2014
As of Android 4.0 SD Card became your internal storage.

Have you tried to re download the gallery from the Play Store? I had to do it because I didn't add it to my latest ROM, just HTC Gallery
#9 Yatezy, Jan 2, 2015
This worked. The gallery was disabled and just needed to be enabled through the Play sotore
#10 Ty Fischer, Jan 5, 2015
A good thing that all their apps have been segregated from the ROM and can now be updated through play store
#11 Yatezy, Jan 5, 2015
On my m8 it does that if u use the shortcut on my lockscreen. Try opening the camera from your app tray.
#12 thekingsteven, Jan 7, 2015