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General Can't find 'car mode' or 'driving mode'?

Mine are both still there on AT&T. Did you hide them accidentally? Go to settings/application manager and scroll down to the hidden apps at the bottom.
#2 Mittar, May 16, 2014
Verizon phones don't have that menu setup:

Settings/Application manager/ scroll over to the right to "Turned Off"

In "All" I can see 'Car Mode' but it does not have the option to do anything except "Force Stop"

It does NOT show up anywhere in the Menu system, or in the Apps Grid menus.
I doubled checked for "hidden" and "disabled". Not there either.

I switched to Easy Mode, but is that totally useless and destroyed all of my screens. Lasted about 3 seconds, switched back to Standard Mode.
Car Mode does not show there either.

I don't have a car with Bluetooth so can't test to see if it will appear when it recognizes a car.
#3 AZgl1500, May 16, 2014
He's on AT&T, as am I. But actually, mine shows the turned off apps in both places, the "turned off" tab as you state, and the bottom of list for all applications.
#4 Mittar, May 16, 2014
Verizon strips too much of the Original functionality out of our phones.
They did the same darn thing on my Galaxy 'S' Fascinate phone.... it looked nothing like what Sprint, T-Mobile and other carriers allowed.
#5 AZgl1500, May 16, 2014
Well they did need more room for their bloatware...
#6 zoxxo, May 16, 2014
Well duh!!!

Verizon phones do have the Car Mode hidden in "Plain Sight".

Pull down the Notification Bar from the top.
On the top right click the tools tab. It is on that menu page.

Now if you want it available in an instant, make it a part of the Floating Toolbox.

Will that do the trick for you?
#7 AZgl1500, May 17, 2014

Checked ALL listing and all I see their in the alphabetical listing is "DriveMode" by AT&T, which is not what was looking for. Can't see 'hidden' or 'off' apps listing anywhere?

Just to double check, are either 'car mode' or 'drive mode' apps that help with voice control of the phone? ....thanks
#8 carnut65, May 23, 2014
I have never looked into "Car Mode" as I have all kind of stuff integrated into my car, but I thought I'd look for it to see what all it does. Couldn't find it on my Verizon S5. Did a search in the pdf manual (NO mention of it). Then found this thread and (thanks to AZgl1500) I found it. Pretty cool. Works great but my Sync system in my Ford Flex does all that and more. Nice to know it's there tho. Might come in handy some day...course by then I will have forgotten where the heck it is! <lol>
#9 monicakm, May 24, 2014