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General error

I have a Galaxy S7 on Verizon I just received. I started getting a "Unfortunately, has stopped" error randomly and intermittently. A search has produced nothing on point. Any ideas?


#1 romeof1, Mar 8, 2016
+1 been having the same issue, been driving me nuts. Seems to be when I use camera or gallery. Tried disabling but doesn't let me..
#2 Beansley, Mar 8, 2016
I cleared the cache from the process and it hasn't reappeared since. That may do the trick.
#3 romeof1, Mar 9, 2016
Tried that, within a few hours it started giving the message again.
#4 Beansley, Mar 9, 2016
Are you sure it happens when you use the camera or gallery - no other time? Mine seemed very random with no discernible pattern.
#5 romeof1, Mar 9, 2016
Mine came back too. Samsung support basically had me do a reset of application preferences, clear all cache, but it still comes back. Did you try hard resetting the phone?
#6 romeof1, Mar 9, 2016 Last edited: Mar 9, 2016
Someone suggested this app to lock the process - so far so good:
#7 romeof1, Mar 10, 2016
I had this issue but I got rid of it by copying all pictures and videos from my phone to my PC and then deleting them from my phone.

I found out that many Whatsapp pictures were corrupted somehow and I couldn't delete them from Windows. I'm not sure if they were the cause of the error or not, but I was able to delete them from the phone's gallery and now the issue is gone.

Hope this helps!
#8 Teemu Lyly, Apr 2, 2016
This is simple and worked for me.
#9 WillV, Apr 5, 2016