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Cricket unlock policy changing to 6 months in Dec

In December the cricket unlock policy changes from 4 months to 6.. Keep this in mind if you join cricket.. Any phones purchased before then remain on the 4 month policy.. This might be important for those planning to travel over spring break or something and need your phone unlocked if going out of the country

Also just good to know so your not surprised lol


#1 dstephe9, Nov 19, 2014
Here is a link detailing the unlocking policy change from Cricket:

#2 kate, Nov 19, 2014
Great I was meaning to come back and post the link.. I made this thread from my phone and wasn't able to find it when I made the thread haha

Cricket still has the best unlock policy of most prepaid companies!! Of course you can always pay $5 -$10 bucks and have someone on eBay unlock it for you if something comes up..

But free is always better!!
#3 dstephe9, Nov 19, 2014
So does that mean if somebody buys a new cricket phone, which is ineligible for unlocking bootloader, that after the four months time that phone will become eligible to be unlocked? I only ask because just bought the cricket moto g, totally ignorant to the fact that it was ineligible to be unlocked. I have always had root and custom backup on my cricket phones, and can still return it within the seven days for a new phone.
Sorry first post, forgive my lack of knowledge and wisdom but any advice or knowledge thrown my way would be much appreciated.
#4 shrekNhisdroid, Dec 11, 2014
They are referring to unlocking for use on a different carrier. I haven't been following the Moto G for Cricket, you should check the Moto G section, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least a root method for it.
#5 Gmash, Dec 11, 2014
Well thanks for the clarification, seems I'm not the only one with the problem.
#6 shrekNhisdroid, Dec 11, 2014
Unlocking has nothing to do with bootloader. Cricket is talking about unlocking to use on another carrier, AKA sim unlock.
#7 timelord65, Jan 1, 2015