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Support delete gmail account from one phone

I gave my old phone to my wife so she can use the net but it still has a copy of my Gmail account on it and she would like it gone. I am afraid that if I remove the account from that phone it will disappear from all its entries, computers and my current phone. How can I be sure this will not happen.


#1 harryt, Jan 24, 2017
When you remove a gmail account from any device, it won't affect any other devices that is registered to it. Delete away, you're good. :)
#2 lunatic59, Jan 24, 2017
Factory reset your old phone then have her set it up with her Gmail account. She'll have to reinstall her own apps though.

Your Gmail won't be on it anymore.

Or do what that lunatic said. :)
#3 dontpanicbobby, Jan 24, 2017
If you want to factory reset:

1. Remove any PIN or swipe pattern for the lock screen
2. Go into Settings - Accounts and remove your account (and any others)
3. Then factory reset the device.
#4 kate, Jan 24, 2017
Thanks kate! Didn't think of that...

@harryt Is it her phone now?
#5 dontpanicbobby, Jan 24, 2017
Yes it is her phone now though not her only one but it is the one she might use for Viber or Whatsapp and general web browsing but probably not email. It is just that my email account keeps making noises on her phone when I get a message on either of my copies of that email account.

I suppose a factory reset will lose all her settings and apps and messages received, will it?

How do you do all these things:-

1. Remove any PIN or swipe pattern for the lock screen
2. Go into Settings - Accounts and remove your account (and any others) (can do that one)
3. Then factory reset the device.

Yours, Harry
#6 harryt, Jan 24, 2017
1st question Yes but all her Gmail will be restored. 2nd question kate will handle.
#7 dontpanicbobby, Jan 24, 2017
This can depend on the manufacturerand/or Android version, but it's most likely in Settings then Security. Change the Lockscreen option to None or Swipe.

Good, as that's VERY important. :)

Settings/Backup & reset/Factory data reset is the usual path. You'll be asked for confirmation before proceeding.

Hope this is of use.
#8 Slug, Jan 24, 2017
And yes, a factory reset will wipe all user data including email and texts. A complete backup would be prudent, but you should have backups already because phones fail and data is vulnerable.

If you have apps and settings set to backup (menu>settings>backup & restore) with auto restore on, as soon as you register with the gmail account, the apps will reinstall themselves along with their settings. App data, OTOH may not get restored ... things like game levels or usage history. Make sure it's set to sync the account to the cloud so you don't loose any pictures, contacts, etc. If these settings are off now, turn them on and give the phone 24 hours to sync completely before resetting.

For text messages, SMS backup & restore in the play store works great. Email will depend on how it's setup. If it's an IMAP account, then you're already good since everything is always on the server. IF it's a POP3 account then you'll need to copy the email you wish to keep off the phone.

And please always verify that the data you want to save is saved before resetting. I can't tell you how many times I have to tell someone sorry your data is gone because they "thought" it was working even they never checked.
#9 lunatic59, Jan 24, 2017
Luna... It's not his phone anymore.
#10 dontpanicbobby, Jan 24, 2017
This applies to the Mrs., assuming she's got her gmail account on there, too.
#11 lunatic59, Jan 24, 2017
Harry, you might not have to factory reset the phone if you don't want the extra work.

I think just removing your email and adding hers, if it hasn't been added yet, will work. I did that on a friends phone and it seemed to work fine, but that was several years ago.
#12 kate, Jan 24, 2017
Hi, why not just disable 'sync' on the account on the phone then the emails won't be downloaded. Or if it is just the notifications that are annoying simply disable notifications on the account.

I have done the latter on my wife's phone so she can read all emails but doesn't get disturbed.
#13 tommo47, Jan 24, 2017
If that continues to work, then tommo47 is a genius. Talk about cut the Gordian knot. Great. Oh and like the bike though I have never seen a green one before. Had a Daytona GT , myself, way back in the 60s. Quality or what?

#14 harryt, Jan 24, 2017
Hi Harry, it will continue to work but I'm certainly not a genius, my wife had my M7 when I got the M9 almost 2 years ago and that's about all I did before handing it over.

I was in love with my Triumph T90, bought new in 1966, one of my mates drooled over the GT but never got to own one.

I always wanted a Ducati and eventually got a 750SS in 2000 - loved it and 4 years later saw the Matrix 998 in the local dealer being sold by a guy who won it in a raffle but couldn't afford to keep it.
#15 tommo47, Jan 24, 2017
Oh I forgot to say, thanks everybody else too, nice try and I am fully equiped to escallate if disabling sync fails eventually.
#16 harryt, Jan 25, 2017
Got married, had to have car, could not afford both so end of bike. Sad. Still got workshop manual, though!
Phone still seems to be working just as she wants it to and genius comes in many different forms. Job done, thanks!
#17 harryt, Jan 25, 2017