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'disabled by administrator encryption policy, or credential storage'

'disabled by administrator encryption policy, or credential storage'

I have configured my office mails through Androd default Email setup on my samsung S3. Now i have removed the office mail configuration from my phone, when i checked in "screen lock" screen there is "disabled by administrator encryption policy, or credential storage". Im not able to change the screen options.

I have done the following

Go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators>Deactivate
Went to Security> Clear Credentials

The problem still exists, please help


#1 Android Question, Oct 16, 2013

You would need to delete any vpn accounts set up in

More settings

Your office service may have set up vpn and this would cause the lock screen security to persist

#2 girolez, Oct 16, 2013
thanks man thanks alot <3 <3
#3 Mohammedin55, Feb 1, 2015
The one solution that worked for me was this:

Setting >> general>> security>>device administrators>> remove any check marks
#4 moataz khairi, May 22, 2015
Went to Security> Clear Credentials: did not work for my Samsung Galaxy S6 (5.1.1. android, last update).

Actually what worked for me: I used my samsung account to unlock my screen... and then also I allowed unknown sources ... and voila ... it works (again). :). If it helps.
#5 TomazV, Jul 5, 2015