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Support Email security certificate??

Hey guys,

Something weird has been happening lately. So, I got this phone the day of release and set up my outlook exchange email flawlessly. About two weeks ago, I started not getting any emails, and I slowly realized this.

So when I go into my stock email app to refresh it says the server cannot connect because the settings are wrong. (Which I never changed the settings before and it worked fine?).

Anyways, once I go to my settings and server and whatnot I have all of that information in correctly, but this is where I think my problem occurs. There is an option for client certificate and my phone says none and when i click on "select" it says..

"No certificate found. The application exchange services has requested a certificate. Selecting a certificate will grant the application the ability to use this identity with servers now and in the future. You can install certificates from a PKCS#12 file with a .pfx or a .p12 extension located in external storage."

Has anyone had this problem? What do I do about this "certificate"?

Thanks guys


#1 bp08, Jan 18, 2012
I read something about this in another thread. Apparently you need to secure your phone to access a secure network. Try adding a pattern or PIN lock to your lockscreen and trying again. That's all I have to offer at this point, but it's worth a shot :)
#2 The_Chief, Jan 18, 2012
I already have a PIN lock to my lockscreen. I don't see why that has anything to do with a security certificate for my email, but then again I could be totally wrong. It seems like I need to somehow get a certificate from online to my phone, but I have no idea how that would work either. After many google searches I have found nothing which surprises me as well.
#3 bp08, Jan 18, 2012
Well, it was worth a shot. Hopefully someone who has already been down this road will chime in with the solution...
#4 The_Chief, Jan 18, 2012
Is this your personal exchange server? ISP? or Work?

The newer MS exchange servers offer a lot more options for locking things down. Your best bet may probably be to contact the IT helpdesk that supports the exchange server.
#5 Crashumbc, Jan 18, 2012
This is actually my school email. It uses Outlook OWA. I have never had any problems in the past, so I'm not sure if it is an issue with my phone or my school(which I have never had a problem with my school dealing with this in the past)

Under my Outlook it says under settings that it recognizes my Nexus, but I just can't seem to figure out this security certificate on my phone. From looking at my phone it shows I have no security certificates on my phone or the storage within my phone. I wish I could just bypass the security but that is not an option on the nexus either.

Not sure if this answers any of your questions, but if you need any more information let me know.

#6 bp08, Jan 18, 2012
Just called IT at my school and they said they haven't had a problem with the security certificate that I'm referring to. She did tell me to try to deactivate and reactivate but that did not work either.

Not sure if she had any idea what I was talking about (probably not), but that did not help at all. BTW my Gmail App works fine as well. If I could only find a certificate to put on my phone maybe it would work. Although I have no idea how to find that out.
#7 bp08, Jan 18, 2012
Any update as i i have the same problem....
It will be gr8 if you can help me out
#8 mohsinrock2000, Oct 11, 2012
Hi there,

I v managed to set up mine, here is how it goes:

Fill in the normal settings on the first page (email + password)
then select manual setup/exchange

domain\username: domain(without .com or anything)\userID
Password:enter your password

SSL :yes
Accept all SSL certificates:yes
no need for client certificates
Port 443

These are obviously settings related to my company, what I have noticed however, is for Domain\Username, I used to input:, orjust userID and it never orked.

However it seems that domain\userID is working, even though I was using the exact same details as my outlook on my PC

I hope it works for you. I know this is little explanation but I got lucky on that one and not quite sure how I managed this. happy to help if I can
#9 guiwegian, Oct 30, 2012
Same problem here!!!!! H.E.L.P!!!!
#10 fancy3160, Mar 31, 2013
This worked Thank You ! Bravo !
#11 Biglou, Jul 28, 2013
Used on Android 4.3 Nexus 7
#12 Biglou, Jul 28, 2013