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Root Freeing up some ram

okay so I deleted the ringtones and notification sounds using root explorer from system. Also the alarms. Is there anything else that really isn't essential to the phone that i could delete to free up more ram? As of right now i have 347mb free. I have went thru and deleted everything that i know is ok to get rid of. Does anybody know anything else?


#1 MrTolk3, Oct 15, 2012
Did you freeze or get rid of the known safe apps posted in the sticky of this forum?
#2 MFlammang, Oct 15, 2012
I have 320 free but havent deleted the sounds (do those even use RAM?) I do have my own apps running now though.
#3 MFlammang, Oct 15, 2012
i don't think it increases ram
#4 aaronmy, Oct 15, 2012
any tips to increase my ram ? i only have around 170-200

how can i stop these damn apps from starting automatically when i start my phone ? i tried task killers but it kills the app and then the app loads up 20 seconds later.

please help
#5 droidraf, Oct 15, 2012
If your rooted titanium backup did it for me :) just remember to only remove the apps that are on the safe list though!
#6 MFlammang, Oct 15, 2012
RAM (Random Access Memory) has nothing to do with storage. Stopping apps which run on background is going to free up some ram. 5gb of storage have nothing to do with RAM. Freeing ram is not going to let you to install less or more apps.

Do you really have a reason for that or you just don't like the low ram number.
#7 unnamedny, Oct 15, 2012
Yes but more free RAM would make an already fast phone faster! I wish i could free more up also.
#8 MFlammang, Oct 16, 2012

Root your phone..and Download a app call Titanium Backup..but the pro one...With the Pro, you can freeze apps or deleting apps, I love titanium backup pro.. I freeze apps I download, like facebook, that always restarting its self over, using alot of ram up..with titanium backup pro, I can freeze that app and others, it stop them from running in the background, and you can always go back in unfreeze them, when you want to use the app..

it's a wonderful app to have..
#9 geetech84, Oct 16, 2012
Android has what is called OOM Settings...which is Out Of Memory settings, what that does is automatically kills background apps if the current foreground applications need the RAM....

Android is not like Windows or MacOS, you do not need to free up RAM for any reason, the OS does it automatically...

You can however, tweak the OOM settings using such things as V6 Supercharger or ROM Toolbox's Auto Memory tweaks...

deleting apps isn't going to do crap.
#10 plasticarmyman, Oct 16, 2012
Nor using advanced task killers ;)
#11 StarScream2109, Oct 16, 2012
Interesting! I am a complete noob to the droid to be honest. I am a CIS student and have some linux exp. but mostly windows for sure. This seems like an awesome feature :)
#12 MFlammang, Oct 17, 2012
Ok sweet. can you explain a little bit further about Rom toolbox and the tweak features. I already use it for tweaking the CPU.
#13 MrTolk3, Oct 17, 2012
Let me put my 2 cents again. This phone does not need so many tweaks. Best you can do is root it, remove boatware and underclock it if you wish. You are not building a racing car where every millisecond matters, you are not playing action games like Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 where smoothness of the game really matters. (where I remember constant 120fps mattered back in days).

You are risking to screw up a perfecly good performing device, for no apparent reason. So what your phone boots 2 seconds slower. Why would it even be relevant?
#14 unnamedny, Oct 17, 2012
Ok i get what ur saying. All i was asking was a question about what could be deleted. Thanx for your opinion but that is not what i asked for.
#15 MrTolk3, Oct 17, 2012
ROM Toolbox has powerful tools for rooted Android users | VikiTech.com

personally i use the Strict setting on the Memory Manager

do you know what these forums are for?....because that is kind of what these forums are all about...messing with our devices to make them boot 2 seconds faster...making them perform better...simply because we can...

yes this phone is pretty sweet just as stock...but why not tweak some settings and make it run a little smoother and faster?...
#16 plasticarmyman, Oct 17, 2012
Forums are not just to tweak things up. Fellas have issues sometimes and we are here to help.
Look around this forum. Many come here with things such as "did I brick my phone" "I need a stock app/file........... " "oh I screwed up" "I went into recovery and my phone reset" "ROM Manager does not work"
In my understanding, OP does not have much understanding of functionality between RAM, CPU, GPU, storage. He might brick his device if he is going to start running before he starts walking. And again tweaking he does is useless.

Tweaking few things up is fine, going nuts because of few mb of ram is not fine.
#17 unnamedny, Oct 17, 2012
people buy phones for different reasons. usually phone makers are increasing the ram in phones for a reason to make them perform better. wanting more ram makes sense just like increasing cpu/gpu performance. when a person buys a fast car they don't always settle for stock they want it even faster even though the speed limit is 65 at max. so if we want to make our phones better then that's up to us. its not up to me or you or anyone else to decide whats important for someone else. try not to give people a hard time for what they want. i like the color red why i don't know that's just the way it is. if you don't like that color that's fine pick the one you like but don't tell me that red sucks.
#18 nizlovelots, Oct 17, 2012

I just hope I did not offend you. Please forgive me if I did.

Let me put it out for you in other words. Lack of ram (total ram) is usually cause the slowdowns. So if your phone has 256mb or 512mb you are going to have hard time executing the apps, changing screens, delay in multitasking. This phone has enough RAM. If you have 32 GB of ram on your PC you are not going to see the difference in software execution with 8GB of ram PC. Lack of ram is bad, if you have enough, it does not really change things in small job processes.

This phone has 1024mb of ram and as you were told Android automatically free ram when it's needed. There are no slowdowns on this phone. There is absolutely no reason in doing what you are doing. It's not going to help you much. Best thing you can do, is install FastReboot pro and schedule that app to restart your phone every night. This way your phones is going to run nice and smooth. Also clear cache every week. This things are just things you need to do for any smartphone regardless of anything.

If you have car which goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds would you risk breaking an engine in order to increase performance by 0.1 seconds. That's exactly what might happen.
#19 unnamedny, Oct 17, 2012
you are slightly misinformed....not by much....but tweaking the OOM settings and the Auto Memory Manager settings do make ANY android phone run faster and smoother...

take for example the firmware that was originally shipped out on this phone, it was clocked at 1.5ghz...and no one has found any problems with the 1.5ghz firmware, no bricking or overheating or anything..

the reason for that is that the manufacturer tends to be overly cautious when it comes to the settings of the phone, and this is across the board with pretty much any phone, the bog it down a little so that they do not ever have to worry about anyone having any problems with the phone being buggy...

Tweaking the OOM and AAM settings are not going to brick the phone...I do not know why you are so adverse to this idea...I am not sure if you have tried it out but it certainly makes the phone more zippy and responsive...

The best way to describe it is that, even though the OS does automatically kill processes when it needs the RAM, that still takes some time to do and takes up some power...so if you have it set so that no matter what there is only a certain amount of RAM used for background processes then you do not have to worry about the phone having to kill the processes when you need 'em...and you should never have to make a script to have the phone automatically reboot every night...
#20 plasticarmyman, Oct 18, 2012
Reboots are good for the phone....as long as you're not pulling a battery...most conflicts with any phone (including iPhones) are avoided by rebooting the phone once every 24 hours.
#21 sammyz, Oct 18, 2012
How about the fact that the ics uses (i think) 256mb of data just for the operating system! Is that typical of ics or just the way lg/metro did this one. IM pretty sure through the kernel we can change that to gain back our memory and most likely allow for over clocking.
#22 omgbossis21, Oct 18, 2012
Hi everyone, I just got my LG Motion 4G yesterday, when I run a system check application it tells me that I have only 710 mb ram! What happened to my other 250mb of ram? Is there any chance to switch it to 1GB ram or is that a mistake from LG? Please help asap, thanks!
#23 akutluozen, Oct 21, 2012

What application are you using to check your ram... it may be telling you how much RAM you have left (some is being used by apps) not the total amount available.
#24 sdrawkcab25, Oct 21, 2012
I believe the 250 is occupied by the OS
#25 aaronmy, Oct 21, 2012