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Galaxy S3 in Boost Mobile Tri-Band now?


I was just on Amazon looking to get a Boost Mobile GS3 for my wife so we can both have the same phone. It was all good until I noticed they advertise it as a Tri-Band phone now, and so does the Boost Mobile site.

So I called boost mobile to verify my GS3, which I bought on December 2013, was actually a Tri-Band phone. The support guy put me on hold and came back to tell me it actually was a Tri-Band phone. He didn't sound so convincing so I googled around for a moment and realized Sprint released a new Model called L710T which is a Tri-Band phone (mine is a L710) I couldn't find anything on Boost Mobile, but I think I have an older generation device.

Anyone out there has or has resolved the same doubt?

If in fact we have an older device, can we get an software update for such upgrade?


#1 RickyRicon, Aug 9, 2014
Welcome to the site :)

I know this is how Sprint did the Galaxy S4 - L720 is the original non Tri-Band, L720T is the newer one with Tri-Band. From what I found online the S3 L710T wasn't released until 2014.

Sorry no, that's a hardware issue.
#2 kate, Aug 10, 2014
Thanks for the response. It's no big deal really but I'll keep an eye open when I get my wife's cell phone
#3 RickyRicon, Aug 10, 2014
Avoid the 710t.
#4 DWILSON48625, Nov 14, 2014
I'd only say to avoid the 710T if you want to install customs roms the phone. Otherwise if you don't care about that and Sprint Spark service is available in your area it's no big deal and supposed to be pretty quick 4G.

Info about the mess rooting and trying to install roms on that model can be found in this thread: http://androidforums.com/boost-mobile-galaxy-s3-all-things-root/870166-tri-band-s3-sph-l710t.html
#5 mydian, Nov 15, 2014