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Galaxy S5 screen rotation

Hi All,

I recently received an Android update on my Galaxy S5 making it run on Android 6.0.1. Shortly after that I noticed that the screen rortation feature does not work any more, regardless of whatever settings I use. I read about simular issues with earlier (ancient) updates to Android 4.* on some Galaxy models, but could not find anything about the 6.0.1. update. Does any one know about this bug or can any one suggest a solution? Is there any way to test if the sensor is to blame?

A further issue is memory related. Although the S5 should have 2 Gb of working memory, Apps such as the Piriform CC Cleaner ony are showing something like 1,6 Gb. Anything wrong with the memory or is there another explanation?

The Netherlands


#1 dbotop, Jun 11, 2017
Hi, first the rotation issue, this is a well documented problem, believe it or not a known cure is to give the phone a sharp tap, the memory issue, this is quite normal, there are certain apps and parts of the operating system that use some of the memory, don't worry about it. Phil
#2 philayl, Jun 12, 2017
Hi, Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it did not help, although I have to admit that it is a dangerous solution as hitting the phone to hard could offer the free “spider app” or broken glass.

I also found a couple of additional posts about the S5 / S6 with Marsh Mellow. Some advised a full reset and some reinstalling the software via Samsung Smart Switch. Both did not help and the Samsung Service menu (*#0*#) keeps telling me that the gyro sensor returns a Fail status. I’m aware that this is not necessarily an hardware failure as it could also be caused by incompatible software driver issues. However I cannot further posts in that direction.
#3 dbotop, Jun 19, 2017
After the previous post I have been searching the Internet for finding a solution for my stubborn Galaxy S5. Finally I decided to return the S5 to the seller as a solution could not be found. As I had to return a “clean” S5 I made a factory reset and removed the SIM and SDHC card. Just out of curiosity I booted the S5 again and to my surprise the screen rotation worked again and the gyro self-test showed “passed”. Completely surprised I installed the SIM card again and the self-test remained OK. Then I installed the SDHC card again and saw that the self-test again produced a fail. This clearly lead to the weird conclusion that the presence of a SDHC card was to blame. Consequently I repeated the test with a number of SDHC cards of different brands and sizes. No pass! Also formatting the cards in the S5 did not help. Only removing the card produced a pass for the gyro sensor again. Searching on the Internet did not reveal any similar weird behaviour. Did anyone encounter a similar error or does anyone have an idea what could be the cause?
#4 dbotop, Jun 22, 2017
Any apps on the MicroSD card? Google was really against that for awhile.
#5 dontpanicbobby, Jun 22, 2017
No, at the time of the test there was nothing on the SD card except data. In the meantime the S5 is checked and replaced by the supplier. They found "an unstable mainboard" whatever that means. Obviously an hardware issue. The replacement S5 works fine, no problem with screen rotation. Placing apps on the SD card also no problems. However it seems difficult to get them there at all. Could be an issue with Android 6.0.1.
#6 dbotop, Jul 2, 2017
I just went through some steps and can confirm that when I remove my micro sd card screen rotation starts working. Wish there was a fix I could do.
#7 Rodney Peterson, Aug 12, 2017
Interesting to hear that I'm not the only one having had this weird problem. However it seems as if there is no solution for this behaviour as the supplier of my S5 could not resolve it and just replaced the S5. Anyway it is clear that just a "bare" SD card of any type and size can cause the problem. In my case I deleted everything that was on the card. Therefore it must be an hardware issue that only pops up in rare cases.

#8 dbotop, Aug 12, 2017
Hey there!, so sorry to hear about your troubles..we all Samsung phone owners know even a "little insignificant" issue it's BIG as hell..just we understand ourselves..any way, here's a free app called Rotation Manager..which a while back saved my behind big time when I encounter my self in your same position you are experiencing now..IT will save you..make sure you set the orientation for every single app including home screen on your phone within the app..all you have to do is THANK to all the guys who tried to give you a hand upper lines..

let me know.
#9 Xavier Black, Aug 21, 2017 Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
Hi Dave/All. My S5 had been running slow for ages and I decided to do a factory reset to clear it out. Couple of problems:

1. All my Apps did not reload, so had to install them manually (bit of a pain, but didn't take too long)

2. Screen rotation stopped. What a pain! I checked settings and reloaded etc. but could not suss it, s I took it into the Samsung shop. They scratched their heads and tried everything but couldn't fix it so took it through to their engineer who said it was a faulty main board and it needed a replacement. That is too much of a coincidence I think, it must be something to do with the factory reset.

As my phone is over 2 years old I would have to pay to have it repaired :O( Has anyone else seen any more info on this problem?


#10 Sackbut Sam, Aug 29, 2017