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Support HATE group texts! Can't turn it off

In GO SMS you can turn off MMS group messages in 'receive settings', but it doesn't work. In phone settings you can do same for sending but not receiving. I don't mind getting group texts, but I want my replies to only go to the sender! This apparently is impossible add no one, Samsung-Google-GO SMS has ever replied to me on how to get around it not to mention finding a fix via internet. Although many have posed this question previously I have never seen a good response. So I'm bringing it to you, the Phandroid family. Please help this seems so simple. By the way, who is at fault here, Android-Samsung-3rd party apps? Actually I know who, the social media crazies. ;)


#1 madjpey, May 12, 2013
I can't help with your question, but I can relate.

Almost everyone I am in contact with has a "smart" phone. I make 95% of my communication through Whatsapp. I would try to get everyone you know, on that app or something similar. I agree, on the rare occasion that someone sends me a group text, I always cringe.
#2 ToyotaTacoma, May 12, 2013
if you press and hold the incoming message, and select details, you can see if it is a group text by the listing. if it is, don't reply to it, open a separate text message and reply to the sender telling them they are an idiot, most likely with an Iphone.
#3 AndroidMax, May 12, 2013
That's the point....I'm spending far too much time worrying if it's a group text or not (opening it to find it's not just for me, having to open the thread for just that person just to reply). It's never been this way, simply get the popup and reply regardless of it originally being sent to a 'group' of people and the reply going to the originator only. This is so simple to fix, it's rediculous there's no option to turn it off.
#4 madjpey, May 16, 2013
I share this incredible dislike for group text messages. I despised them on facebook; you comment on someone's status and all of a sudden you're bombarded with a thousand alerts notifying you that someone else responded to that status - but now they have an 'unfollow' option. I don't mind receiving a group message if it is something important that someone wants you to be notified about.

For example, if a friend's family member is hospitalized, they may want to send out one message and have one thread instead of 50+ threads going about updates on said person and the replies to said updates. However, after a while, constantly having your phone go off by responses to the sender by people you don't even know gets aggravating and you no longer wish to receive all these responses; there needs to be a way to "leave conversation" or "unfollow thread" or something like that. I absolutely hate receiving the responses to a group chat that aren't even intended for me to read.

Another example: my father uses group texts ALL.THE.TIME. He will send a picture to my sister and me. I respond to him in my own direct thread that is just between me and him. My sister, however, INSISTS on responding to the group text. So, I'm constantly having my phone go off with a conversation between my sister and my dad. No matter how often I ask her to just reply directly to dad in her own private conversation, she utterly refuses. Again, there needs to be a way to remove oneself from a group chat or refuse to receive messages in a group chat from anyone other than the sender.
#5 Norithai, Aug 16, 2013
I totally agree, any fix for this yet???
#6 beer thirty, Dec 20, 2013
I use the stock SMS app on my phone and have never had this issue. I I send a group message all replies cone back individually and no one else can see each others texts.
#7 MLSS, Dec 20, 2013
What firmware version are you using? It used to be the way you described until v4.3.

Personally, I'm not in group texts very often and when there are group texts, there is a point and I like the fact that I can not respond to a group and see what's going on in the group 'chat'. It's good to have friends with discretion. :)
#8 sperho, Dec 20, 2013

#9 MLSS, Dec 20, 2013
If group texting is turned on, it'll behave as per OP's description. Not sure if 4.2.1 can handle group texts or not (I don't think that it can), but 4.3 can.
#10 sperho, Dec 21, 2013