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Support Help! S3.amazonaws.com has hijacked my phone

last night a friend sent me a link to a reputable car sale site in the UK... I clicked the link and then got those annoying pop up adverts appear in a new tab which lock you out from using the browser... I opened my task manager and ended the task immediately like I always do. I then reopened Google Chrome and I was diverted straight away to the same security message...It wouldn't leave so I uninstalled Google Chrome... I started it back up and it had gone. 12 hours later it came back! I've uninstalled Google again and reinstalled and now I'm asking how on earth do I get rid of it? Every Google search I do comes up with how to remove it from a pc... there is nothing I can find that relates to mobile phones!! I have a Samsung galaxy s6... up to date with the system. The attacking site appears to be

I've added a screenshot

help please



#1 hhhhhheeeeelllpppp, Aug 25, 2016
Use the stock Samsung Browser. Download adblock for Samsung Browser in Playstore. :)
#2 Bg260, Aug 25, 2016
Before you un-install Chrome, Force Stop, Clear Cache,Clear Data. Then when you re-install, it won't load with old corrupt data.
#3 Jfalls63, Aug 25, 2016
We've had many of these lately. I'm beginning to see a trend.


AWS is Amazon web service. I know that Samsung and Amazon are partners. I'm guessing this was injected in a recent update for the S6. The cure is to use the Samsung Browser. Hmmmmm
#4 Bg260, Aug 25, 2016
so there is no way to stop this happening when using chrome? The only solution is to use Samsung browser? my avg doesn't pick it up.....

Also is this not something that's on my phone? from what I've read the cure for the pc is to uninstall system files and rename stuff because it hijacks that actual computer system and apparently takes details etc...
#5 hhhhhheeeeelllpppp, Aug 25, 2016
There is but you'd have to root your phone, which would void the warranty. Also if done improperly the device could be damaged.

Edit: There are other ad blocking browsers for non-rooted phones. Samsung is just convenient. Its actually a good browser if given a chance.
#6 Bg260, Aug 25, 2016 Last edited: Aug 25, 2016

ok cheers :) so you don't think this is a physical virus on my phone like it is with the pc? it's weird that it came up and then vanished but then came back again when looking at a completely different site... it came back again whilst I was reading messages on here too
#7 hhhhhheeeeelllpppp, Aug 25, 2016
Do a wipe like jfalls suggested. If the problem persists then we can think about something more drastic. Like I said the ad is for Amazon and they are already on your phone. ;)
Please report any findings, to help get to the bottom of this.
#8 Bg260, Aug 25, 2016
Hey guys. so I did exactly what jfalls63 said by force stopping chrome then the cache wipe (by turning off phone, holding the power button + volume up + home button then selecting wipe cache partition for those who don't know how) then uninstalling and reinstalling and so far it hasn't returned and I've been safely using Google Chrome. Pretty sure thats worked. Thanks
#9 hhhhhheeeeelllpppp, Aug 27, 2016
Oh no.. it's just come back!!! :( grrrrrr I had two days without it. So problem not solved :(
#10 hhhhhheeeeelllpppp, Aug 27, 2016
If you don't want to use Samsung Browser then try Lighting it has ad block. Don't wipe and uninstall Chrome until you have imported your bookmarks to whichever browser you might try.
#11 Bg260, Aug 27, 2016