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Support How do you kill pandora?

Hit menu, select EXIT.
#2 Crimson01, Jun 8, 2010
if the app doesnt have an exit button, then the only other way is to use a task killer. However android is very good at keeping apps in the cache and not using them, so be assured if the app isnt doing anything then its not using any battery.
#3 sitlet, Jun 8, 2010
while on pandora, hit menu then quit.
#4 Caloy, Jun 8, 2010
pandora is one of the MANY exceptions.
#5 muncher, Jun 8, 2010
So would most of you agree that my battery will last longer and the phone will still be smooth without a task killer?
#6 TuNeCedeMalis, Jun 8, 2010
Yes, don't use a task killer, just figure it out on your own first.
#7 IPvFletch, Jun 8, 2010
To close pandora go to settings, applications, running services. A list of all applications running will be shown. Select Pandora and the option to stop running the application. This can be done for any application still running in the background. Hope that helps.
#8 tinbeach, Jun 8, 2010
why not use the task killer?
#9 mercdizzle, Jun 8, 2010
If the app doesn't have an option to exit, just back out of the app until you get to the home screen. The app will take care of itself and shouldn't affect the battery life of your phone.
#10 phearx, Jun 8, 2010
it is probably Samsung doing **** as they usually do, but on the galaxy tab3 stock i just tested:

1. open pandora
2. press play
3. press and hold Home button
4. kill pandora. and for good measure click kill all
5. pandora is not listed as running. music continues to play.
6. kill all again
7. keep kiilling
8. music ends, next one starts.
9. pandora laughs at you.

100% reproducible.

So if you still believe you can have any control on samsung roms over which app is running, you are dead wrong.
#11 gcbzzzz, Oct 26, 2013