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Support How to copy or move files to SD card ?

I have Just bought a 64gb micro sd card and I see no way to simply transfer files on to it so how do I please anyone ?

Also how do I make the card default for recording video etc ?


#1 androidtvfan, Mar 6, 2013
Do you want to move items from your computer to this card, and then have the contents available on your Note? Or do you want to move things from the Note to the SD card?

For moving from PC to card (something you'll probably do during an initial load up of photos, music, etc.) I would pop the card into your computer card reader and use your computer to drag the contents to the card, then pop the card into the slot in your Note. If you have many different types of files, I would organize them into folders (video, music, pictures, etc.)

To move files that are already on the Note onto the SD card, you can use a file browser such as My Files (ships with Note) or one from the Play Store (many on this forum like ES File Explorer, free) and do a cut/paste operation.

You might also check out AirDroid to move files wirelessly between PC and your Note (also free in the Play store).

To make your external card the default for video, one method is to launch the camera app and switch into video mode. In the lower left corner of the screen, tap the cog (settings). Scroll down to "Storage" and tap to choose either Device or Memory card

#2 13ilgal, Mar 6, 2013
Thanks for explaining, all ok now thanks to using file explorer, such an aamzing device, makes the ipad look so primitive
#3 androidtvfan, Mar 6, 2013
...and welcome to the wonderful world of Android! :) I've gotten a lot of help on this forum, so I'm glad to be able to return the favor!

#4 13ilgal, Mar 6, 2013
Thank you again darling :)
#5 androidtvfan, Mar 9, 2013
Hi.. I heard that from version 4.4 the feature of freely moving data from device onto SD card has been removed.
Is there a hack to this? I have 1.5 gb in "Misc" and i can't "transfer" using the built in syncronizing feature from settings and i need that space freed without losing the data.

Thank you. Made this account especially to ask this.
#6 c0nstant1n, Feb 19, 2015
My App for Android 5 +

Files To SD Card

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