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How to increase app size on Bluestacks?

When playing apps on Bluestacks, the screen is too small if using the default app size, and when switching the app size to tablet, it is much too big. I used regedit to change the tablet size to 800 X 600, but the top of the screen still gets cut off, and my clicks don't register on certain parts of the screen. Any solutions?


#1 Rickts, Nov 21, 2016
I still can't get it fixed.
#2 Rickts, Dec 15, 2016
I'm sorry this wasn't noticed when you originally posted. Where you originally posted it was an area you probably wouldn't get any help. I've moved it here to the bluestacks area where other folks that may be familiar with your issue will see it. Good luck.
#3 Unforgiven, Dec 15, 2016
My only problem now is that my mouse clicks aren't registering on the top half of the screen in my apps when the app size is set to tablet, making any game unplayable. I can't find any fixes on google, so what could be wrong?
#4 Rickts, Jan 14, 2017
I've been fighting with this problem for a while, and came here looking for an explanation of exactly how resolution works in this program. It seems like the resolution on the main program, alters the app resolution, unlike we normally see on standard Windows.
If you navigate to this registry key, you can altar both.
There's 4 keys you can edit, 2 seem to effect the program itself, the other 2 the app based on the program size.

Oddly when I set them as follows, I actually see MORE on the app screen then setting higher resolutions, but I still need to play with this for optimal settings. Don't forget to select DECIMAL when you modify these settings! Also close out of the bluestacks app tray before changing any settings, and CTRL-ALT-DEL, goto the processes tab, and force close HD-Agent.exe before making changes or they won't take. If all else fails do a reboot to force the change.

GuestHeight 720
GuestWidth 1280
WindowHeight 600
WindowWidth 1024

If someone can PLEASE explain in detail how the resolutions change and effect each other, would be greatly appreciated. This app looks good on my phone running 1440x2560 resolution, my monitor maxes at 1920x1080, but it seems like the resolution based on the app resolution can almost be tricked or emulated so more fits on the screen, with a lower resolution? That's what I need someone to break down for me =) THANKS!
#5 psyrox2k, Jan 17, 2017
Also this seems to work really well, found it on a youtube video, it seems sleightly less fits on the screen then with my original post, but you get fullscreen. source =

GuestHeight 720
GuestWidth 1280
WindowHeight 762
WindowWidth 1366

If you guys find better setups where more of the app is visible on the screen, kind of like what increasing resolution normally does, please reply! Thanks!
#6 psyrox2k, Jan 17, 2017
That didn't work. Dragon Quest 3 and 4 are the ones that are doing this (oversized/undersized resolutions) any other games I've played (e.g. Clash of Clans) has never had these problems. I just can't find out how to fix it.
#7 Rickts, Apr 7, 2017 Last edited: Apr 7, 2017