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Support How to Print from Galaxy Samsung S5 to Supported HP Deskjet 4580

Does anyone have any help files to explain how printing works from the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone to an HP DeskJet 4580 printer. If you go to Settings ... Printing there are under Print Services to drivers present the first one HP Print Service Plugin....
I have turned this on and then next I added a new Printer and put in the IP address correctly.
When I open up a document I am unable to see a print option anywhere. Is there something I am doing wrong or do I need to install another application to use this print service
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#1 antonierees, May 25, 2014
I can't help you with your particular printer. I have an HP OfficeJet 8300 All in One and didn't even try to use any HP apps to print with my Razr or S5. I bought PrinterShare from the playstore and printing is simple as it gets. Takes about 2 brain cells, if that, to operate :D You can try it for free. I think it was $8 to buy.
#2 monicakm, May 26, 2014
If your printer is wireless you have to down load the HP ePrint app. That's how I use will find and link your printer to your phone
#3 don2775, May 26, 2014
thanks for the replies all :)
I downloaded the HP ePrint app and it works partially... It prints pictures but does not seem to want to print .doc word documents .. am going to test further with pdfs etc ... a little frustrating as all appeared to be working at least i thought grrr
#4 antonierees, May 26, 2014
So I tested the app further here were my findings
Had to update the HP Print Service Plug in seemed to be key
Tried to print office word 2003 doc failed
Tried to print office word 2010 doc passed
Thinking that Microsoft recently de supported office 2003 wander if HP have only tested with new docX extention word files

Otherwise all now working thanks all ☺
#5 antonierees, May 26, 2014