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Support Is it possible to get coloured emojis on S3?

Currently, I'm rooted and have got emoji font installed. However it only displays emojis in black and white which you could say is better than nothing but still it looks horrible. Any way to get coloured emoji font installed on my S3?

Thank you


#1 Ghost10bxl, May 12, 2014
I use hangouts for texting and the emojis are in color with this app. I have no idea about the stock texting app how to change them.
#2 nieltab, May 12, 2014
I use Instagram and Twitter alot, so I would want colour emoji's there. I don't mind about the stock texting app
#3 Ghost10bxl, May 12, 2014
Oh ok, Hopefully someone will know the answer here. You could also try xda developers, they often know solutions like this.
#4 nieltab, May 14, 2014
Like this??
#5 triger, May 15, 2014
Yes but I want to see when other people use them on social networks like Twitter/Instagram etc
#7 Ghost10bxl, May 18, 2014
Yah i can use it on any social network
#8 triger, May 18, 2014
And can you see them in colour as well? And how did you do it?
#9 Ghost10bxl, May 18, 2014
Pm sent ghost hope it helps all of social network are suported im using it
#10 triger, May 19, 2014
Been trawling to find emoji on android can u dm me same so I can use pls?
#11 superuse, Jun 22, 2014
Can u send dm pls
#12 superuse, Jun 22, 2014
Please can you pm me to thanks xx
#13 roxi9791, Jul 21, 2014
What did you download?
#14 ashleyalexis94, Sep 27, 2014
Swiftkey has emoji's built in so that should work even for you twitter apps.
#15 hatredg0d, Sep 28, 2014
Can you help me how to get colored emoji on my galaxy s3 like on social networks ??
#16 laydevee_abn, Oct 8, 2014
I downloaded swiftkey keyboard (Free from the market) and it has them included.
#17 Heloguy, Oct 8, 2014
I had download it, but my emojis looks white & black when i post something on twitter, instagramm , etc. I want to be seen with colored not black & white lol
#18 laydevee_abn, Oct 8, 2014
Can u pm me too
#19 lantz15, Dec 21, 2014
The Google keyboard (app) has them built in.
#20 spicymonkey13, Dec 22, 2014
can you plz also send me this pm thankyou
#21 bubbagurl7, Jan 20, 2015
Can you please send me this pm as well
#22 Reese2603, Mar 25, 2015
Could you DM that to me
Pleaaaaseeee :p
#23 trinityymaybee, Jun 9, 2015
i was wondering about that can it be fixed to color emojs
#24 sweetcandyboo, Jun 11, 2015
how did you root ur galaxy s3
#25 sweetcandyboo, Jun 11, 2015