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Is there a way to find an App by its notification icon?

We're curious as to know if there is a technology to do a reverse search on a Notification icon of an App. It doesn't really matter the process (programmatically, third-party, google play, etc.).

This could almost be a game. "What's the App?"

As an example, what would this App be? (see attached file)


#1 Nick Ether, Jan 22, 2015
That looks like a chat / messaging notification. It's too blurry to tell for sure. In Chrome you can right click on the image and search google images for the pic.
#2 Unforgiven, Jan 22, 2015
Another option, not requiring chrome, is to use Tineye
#3 Lordvincent 90, Jan 22, 2015
Looks like a chat or IM app, don't recognize it though.
#4 mikedt, Jan 22, 2015
Thanks for giving it a shot! It's definitely some messaging/chat App in my opinion as well. It's definitely a challenge!
#5 Nick Ether, Jan 22, 2015
Long press on it, then goto info. It will bring you to the app in settings.
#6 Unforgiven, Jan 22, 2015
I do not have access to the device itself, only the icon. It's a "special" case. :)
#7 Nick Ether, Jan 22, 2015
Well, somehow we will need some more information as the pic is too blurry / small to get a decent search on. What type of device is it? Is it Android? Can you get a clearer picture?
#8 Unforgiven, Jan 22, 2015
I will get a clearer picture a little later! It's an Android device.
#9 Nick Ether, Jan 22, 2015
Is this a game or a bet or something? I mean what's it to you if you do find out what this app is? Presumably it's an IM. If it were a clear sharp image, Google Goggles should recognize it.
#10 mikedt, Jan 22, 2015
I agree about the clearer image, it's a picture taken of the cellphone's screen. Someone doesn't want us to find out what App they're using so we wanna find out what they're hiding. It could be a dating App and they're cheating on their lover or it could be a typical IM App and they're just playing around.
#11 Nick Ether, Jan 22, 2015
New info: It's related to a community who have a dream in life.
#12 Nick Ether, Jan 22, 2015
As has been mentioned already, the provided picture is too blurry for any of the image-recognition options (Google Image Search, Tineye, etc) to find a match.
#13 codesplice, Jan 23, 2015
What is this icon please...another undercover mission..not on my phone
#14 jessy b, Feb 16, 2016
The cross at the top left..from an I phone I believe tho so unsure if it's an app or an I phone thing
#15 jessy b, Feb 16, 2016
Looks like the icon on the top left is 'tune in' an online streaming radio service
#16 psionandy, Feb 16, 2016
And the star is for Subscribe / Favorite / Follow depending on the app.
#17 Unforgiven, Feb 16, 2016
So the cross type sign is a radio thing..phew ok good Thank you..it's a screenshot the other half sent of a Facebook status..thought it may of been some dating thing..wouldn't surprise me lol..Thank you
#18 jessy b, Feb 16, 2016
Yes just googled tune in and it is that
#19 jessy b, Feb 16, 2016
What app is this??!
#20 BusterPup, Feb 10, 2017
Hey @BusterPup and welcome to Android Forums! :)

Could you give this advice a try?

#21 codesplice, Feb 10, 2017
Thanks! Like the earlier posts, I do not have access to the device. Let's play, what app belongs to this icon?! Does anyone know??!
#22 BusterPup, Feb 10, 2017
Looks like a generic messaging app to me.
#23 codesplice, Feb 11, 2017
I had it on a Messenger+ notification. I cannot find any mention of that icon in the product description.

... Thom
#24 Thom, Feb 11, 2017
But isn't this the messenger+ icon?
#25 BusterPup, Feb 11, 2017