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Root [MetroPCS] Asurion Claim from MetroPCS to TMobile

OK... I just performed a claim because i lost my S3 with MetroPCS. They tried to give me a Samsung Mega but i declined and said i dont want that so... THEY ARE SENDING ME AN S4!!

The S4 will be for MetroPCS. I made sure they are sending me the GSM model (because when i paid $600 for the S3 they gave me a dang CDMA model) and I will not active it through MetroPCS but through TMobile instead (Way faster 4G)

Which thread will i be using to root and flash ROMs? The MetroPCS threads or the TMobile threads? I do not have the model number as of yet because i'm waiting for the phone but i know that will help clarify things.

I am excited and want to get all the stuff i need to root and flash so that its done within the hour of receiving it :D

Thanks in advance!


#1 exitprogram, Mar 29, 2014
The MetroPCS threads are more or less copies of the Tmobile threads, since the phones are so similar, the MetroPCS S4 uses most of the root methods, recoveries and roms made for the Tmobile S4. However, you'll get very little support from the Tmobile threads because you simply dont have their version of S4, the MetroPCS threads are very good for that.

Check out the Unofficial All Things Root thread for much of what you're looking for.
#2 ARocker, Mar 29, 2014
FYI, there's only one MetroPCS S4 model and it is GSM. The model is M919N.
#3 ARocker, Mar 29, 2014
Thanks for the reply, that's good to know.

I also read the TMobile S4 ATR briefly and saw that it too stated most of the TMobile ROMS will work with the MetroPCS model. There is a long list of custom ROMS for the TMobile version so hopefully the thread for each will state whether or not its compatible and, if not, what doesn't work. I'll look in to it when the time comes.

I am worried that my phone will lose 4G (as it had happened on my MetroP S3 and i couldn't get it back) after flashing a custom ROM to it and I couldn't find a fix. I am about to start a thread to see if there is a more "complete" backup than an NANDROID because returning to stock did nothing to fix the problem before. I know there are other backups (like nvbackup) but i need to see what other types are out there to ensure i can revert back to the true original state.
#4 exitprogram, Mar 29, 2014
I understand that there's no need for a nvbackup with a gsm phone. There are no prl's to update as well. I don't know the specifics of why. The s3, as you know, was cdma and so you needed to backup certain info in case it was lost.

A nandroid is a good backup, we have complete system tars of our last few android versions available in case of anything catastrophic. In fact, I can't think of any posts that spoke of any issues you won't be able to recover from. There's an update comming, to 4.4 for our device (tmobile got theirs already) soon hopefully. When it does, I'm sure someone will snag the tar for that update as well. There are some things you should know before updating about the bootloader updates and KNOX if you don't already. Check out our UATR post for that info as well as some recovery and Tmobile roms that definitely work for our device.
#5 ARocker, Mar 29, 2014
Do you have an S4 for metro? What ROM are you using?
#6 exitprogram, Mar 29, 2014
Yes, ive got a MetroPCS S4, im currently on Insane Kitkat, I just flashed the most recent version which is v4. Its a custom touchwiz based rom made for the tmobile S4. Its in the UATR guide along with others.

Has your phone been updated to 4.3?
#7 ARocker, Mar 29, 2014
I'm gonna try that one out first, then.

I dont have the MetroPCS S4 yet. Still waitin' :/... but i hadn't received a 4.3 update on my S3 when i did had it
#8 exitprogram, Mar 29, 2014
Yep. Updated to 4.3. Getting the rom now :)
#9 exitprogram, Apr 1, 2014