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Accessories Micro HDMI cables at Radioshack

Great that a B+M store is carrying these now, but 30 bucks is kinda steep.
#2 sitlet, Aug 2, 2010
Yeah, but you see no huge market for them right now, which means a lack of price challenge.
#3 backdown, Aug 3, 2010
Check out Monoprice - they have them ranging from about $5 to $15 depending on length:

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#4 B Allen, Aug 3, 2010
Theyre not available right now, else i would of posted them on there >.>
#5 backdown, Aug 3, 2010
excellent it has a store cat number i cannot wait until my store gets it!
#6 Mr.Transistor, Aug 4, 2010
It also is labeled as an HTC cable, so its probably "official" compared to the monoprice ones. I have had issues with some of the cut-rate ones before (not that I believe that Monster is actually better quality or anything) and replacing them with an actual branded one works. not sure if its just shoddy contact construction or what.

I will consider this, although I would much rather have an HDMI to micro adapter since its much more compact and anyone who has HDMI for use will have the regular HDMI cable I could bogart.
#7 archercc, Aug 5, 2010