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General MTP mode for Kies? (Note 3, SM-N900)

Hi !
Connecting my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900) to my Windows 7 PC via USB. Kies says: Please, connect your device! I connect, but it never finds it. I cannot find the way how to enter MTP mode (KIES3) as it suggests. Any hints?



#1 Christon, Jul 28, 2014
First off welcome to the forums :)

If you pull down the status bar at the top of your phone to view your notifications there should be one for how your device is connected to your PC.

If you click on it you can switch it to MTP Device.
#2 Digital Controller, Jul 28, 2014
Oooh, easy! Thanks!
Files can be transferred between PC and SM-N900. But still: Kies does not find it
#3 Christon, Jul 29, 2014
Glad I was able to help you. Still strange how Kies does not see the device though.
#4 Digital Controller, Jul 30, 2014
I think this device has some serious problems.
-Does not connect to Kies3
-I cannot install a Google Play Services
-I cannot delete some applications
-GPS does not work at all. Tested with GPS Status and GPS test applications
-I'm waiting for the firmware upgrade to 4.4
#5 Christon, Aug 4, 2014
If there are that many issues, and a factory reset has been performed, just as a test to see if these problems persist, I would definitely suggest to return to your carrier store and get a new device.
#6 Digital Controller, Aug 5, 2014
I've tried this and there is not indication of how device is connected. Is there a way to turn that feature on so it can be used?
#7 UptimeJim, Jan 4, 2017
Kies I believe is no longer supported. They instead use smart switch now. Maybe give that a try?
#8 rbrown1988, Jan 5, 2017