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Question about Sprint 4g.. Erie pa !?

I was told by a friend that Erie pa has 4g service... Well i looked on sprints website many many times and no proof of such? Well i went to the area my friend told me has 4g for Sprint and he was right!! But It's not on the website now and never has been? And until today Verizon never published they have 4g service in Erie pa either? So I'm confused cause this 4g service exhists and there is no proof of such on their website? Any ideas as to why? And my main question is Verizon finally published on their website today that they have 4g service in Erie pa and Sprint has yet to do so but they do have 4g in Erie pa but It's not on the website? And the neighborhood it is in isn't the greatest which really makes me wonder? And my friend that discovered this works at ghetto mart aka Wal-Mart in the ghetto.. he has Verizon and accidentally hit the 4g toggle on his phone which is how he discovered this about a month ago!? And then he tried it with a Sprint device and it worked as well which is why he told me and i finally got to test it 10 mins ago and it does exhist so I'm confused howcome Verizon took so long to publish it on their website and Sprint has yet to do so!? But both of them have 4g in Erie pa!!!!???? Any ideas Phandroid listeners!?


#1 814 htc evo, Oct 20, 2011
This should probably go in the Sprint forum as it is not specific to the EVO 3D.
#2 jdsingle, Oct 20, 2011
google "sprint 4g protection site" and all your questions will be answered :)
#3 TheBlackAngel, Oct 20, 2011
Wow that's crazy man I can't believe they do the bare minimum just to get by! That would seem pointless and a waste of time $$$ and equipment to me but that's Just my opinion thanks though!!!
#4 814 htc evo, Oct 21, 2011
they do it because otherwise the FCC will yank their spectrum licenses if they don't meet the minimum coverage that they put forth and then wimax 4G would go dark everywhere....
#5 TheBlackAngel, Oct 21, 2011