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General remove bloat ware tmobile ?

I came across this a while back:
I've never used it on any device,so,I can't say if it works on this device or not.

According to this XDA'er,it'll work on the LG V10,I'd ask if it's MM or LP when it was used.............

I'd be very careful before proceeding,& make absolutely sure you have the ability to restore/re-enable the entire stock ROM.
Otherwise,you're stuck right where you're at w/little chance of being able to take future updates,or,worse,going overboard w/deleting & bricking your phone in the process.

My 2 centavos:
If you're already on MM 6.0,visit XDA,look for a working TWRP install for this phone,make a back-up/root & debloat.
It's easily reversible in the event you need to return to stock.
If using Android Pay is what's holding you back from root,again,visit the T-Mobile V10 Section,there may be a work-around (XPOSED Module,or temp unroot to use Android Pay & re-root)...........

#2 KOLIO, Apr 30, 2016
thanks once more Kolio,i just had a quick look at the link. This where i stumble at the 1st hurdle,i only have access to mac,no pcs in my house.
I tried root once on a mac and temporarily screwed my phone up,cost me £50 to get it back working.
ive searched around for mac tutorials but found nothing yet.
#3 driffty66, May 7, 2016