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Root [ROM] LG G Stylo (H631/MS631) v10j Stock Restore

Hi everyone,
Here i bring a quick way to FULL Restore/Update Stock to v10j no matter from which version you are coming from. (E.g...v10e,v10d,v10i)

This will restore/update your phone to full stock v10j deleting all trace of root and TWRP Custom Recovery, your internal storage will be untouch.

1- Download BootStack zip T-Mobile Users Click Here , MetroPCS Users Click Here

2- Download Return2Stock zip T-Mobile Users Click Here , MetroPCS Users Click Here

3- Reboot to TWRP (Custom Recovery)

4. Flash LG G STYLO BOOTSTACK Zip file

5. Flash LG G STYLO Return 2 Stock Zip file

6. Wipe CACHE and DALVIK

7. Reboot (at this point you no longer have Root and TWRP)

NOTE : If you are using @GameTheory V10i Update zip you can full update to v10j using this Guide and Re-Root and Re-Flash TWRP.


#1 DrakenFX, Sep 26, 2015
#2 DrakenFX, Sep 26, 2015
#3 DrakenFX, Sep 26, 2015
This is :thumbsupdroid: AWESOME ! :thumbsupdroid:
Works to perfection,even has the option to root before escaping TWRP,very nice. :thumbsupdroid:

#4 KOLIO, Sep 26, 2015
My only problem is theres no working twrp for my phone. Is there?
#5 seanfodonnell, Sep 26, 2015
that's was my intention to make it work that way for everyone. :thumbsupdroid:

There is a TWRP for MS631 (Metro) if you are talking about you having a Stylo with the new Hardware revision that is different story and sorry about that pal.
#6 DrakenFX, Sep 26, 2015
I flashed the one on the forum but i got the half screen..
#7 seanfodonnell, Sep 26, 2015
So would you recommend using this then re flashing TWRP and re roting?
#8 wcb247, Sep 27, 2015
There is a new twrp version for the lg g stylo (new panel).

#9 logique, Sep 28, 2015
Didn't know he release a new twrp thanks :)
#10 DrakenFX, Sep 28, 2015
Will this work coming from CM 12.1?
#11 android777, Sep 29, 2015
Yes this method works coming from any Rom.
#12 DrakenFX, Sep 29, 2015
Just wanna once again say THX for the flashable restore.
If not for that,I wouldn't have been able to sell (w/a clear conscience) a phone that the buyer wouldn't be able to upgrade (buyer not an avid user as we are,more your typical non-root user).

Again,it's been fun.
A big THX to all here in the STYLO forum. :thumbsupdroid:
I won't be too far away,I'll be in the neighborhood w/the V10 & G-Pad F 8.0
[​IMG] [​IMG]
#13 KOLIO, Oct 28, 2015
$600 for the v10 not bad.
#14 Krlypumaa, Oct 28, 2015
The Free SanDisk 200GB Micro SD Card & battery kit sealed the deal (along w/gaining back the I-R Blaster/SDCard slot & removable battery I surrendered w/the Note 5).
The $100 rebate for the Tablet sealed that deal.
#15 KOLIO, Oct 28, 2015
wow that's sweet deal, i was looking forward to get the V10 but can't afford it right now :'( ,
#16 DrakenFX, Oct 29, 2015
I'm not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination & should be more prudent/pragmatic with my spending habits.
It's not as if there's been any truly bad phones of late,pick one & most sane people would be quite content.
On the other hand,my level is about a 1/2 bubble off,so,I find myself chasing the proverbial unicorn......... :paperbagdroid:

However,most of my recent Jumps have a cost of $0,including this one,but,I do have to pay sales tax on the MSRP.
Uncle Sam is the true winner here. ;)
#17 KOLIO, Oct 29, 2015
Im extremely inexperienced. In this wonderful cyba universe.I will need help to do this on a friends computor.Exactly what is necessary steps to safely unbrick my stylo (metro-ms631) I know USB cable is needed.Do i need to download flashify on friends computor first step? Happy February 2016 ,Cheers! bb225
#18 bb225, Feb 1, 2016
I also may purchase an inexpensive tablet im living in south Fla,usa any sugestions greatly appreciated thx again
#19 bb225, Feb 1, 2016
I offer an open apology. To all members except the one who insulted me , i made a huge. error please accept my apology , sincerely. bb225
#20 bb225, Feb 1, 2016
Say hey Y'all I'm tryn to see if a friend will help me out on his computer any links to get back in to lg ms631 will be appreciated to my very last. I soft bricked it(?)by flashing the same zip twice (yes bonehead move of the year.I've only a 25,dol bill for 60 dol plan this month,any changes I can't afford. The Phizzle we get along you helped me at Aeon .I'm no bs artist or spamer .the lg has logo stay on if you long press power(will not turn on with normal pressure) I can get the factory reset "do you want to wipe data" prompt appear then after all steps Nada o zip zap Goose egg .I've maybe an hour on this phone so any kind soul wants yo help I'll give you support on my twitter 61k+friends ,yes friends ! I detest the connotation followers thx y'all 4 your previous support and I hope for more ..Cheers bb225
#21 bb225, Feb 1, 2016
I'm on Katana ROM (MetroPCS G Stylo rooted, of course).

Can I use this method to unroot and go back to stock? I also have a nandroid backup of the stock ROM before I flashed Katana.

(I'm used to rooting Samsung devices/flashing ROMS and am new to LG. The KDZ files or whatever is new to me)
#22 tube517, Mar 3, 2016
yes you can flash this and go back to full stock 10j.....

your nandroid backup isn't full stock anymore cuz if not mistaken is rooted = modified system partition, while flash my back to stock method will deleted every trace of root and restore everything to full stock/ unmodified system partition and recovery.
#23 DrakenFX, Mar 5, 2016
Thanks. I want to be ready when Marshmallow comes.
#24 tube517, Mar 5, 2016
if that is your case, i'll wait till someone post the KDZ and i can help you guys making a Rooted flashable zip if you guys don't want to end up like Boost variant or they have root already???? any way i'll just wait till KDZ is available.
#25 DrakenFX, Mar 5, 2016