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Support S3 won't turn on, no charging indicator, splash screen

Hi People, I posted this on androidcentral, but it's been met with silence so far. I wonder if anyone here can help?


Last night I left my phone charging, as always. This morning, it was off, and shows no signs of life. It won't turn on, shows no charging indicator when plugged in, no lights, splash screen, nothing.

I took it to a cellphone repair shop and they said that it was a common problem with S3s and that they could flash new firmware for


#1 sixhobbits, Nov 15, 2013
Seems like an SDS. Send it to Samsung if you have warranty. You can't do much.
#2 sherlock5545, Nov 15, 2013
I was running Jelly Bean. I understood that SDS doesn't affect anything after ICS?
#3 sixhobbits, Nov 15, 2013
Can you get into download mode (power, home and volume DOWN)?
If so, you can reflash it yourself if youre confident.
I understand why my mate Sherlock thinks its SDS but if the phone is up to date, you would only get freezes and reboots.
Is it under warranty (would you have to pay to get it reflashed)?
If YOU cant get it into download mode then it probably is dead and the repair centre wont be able to flash it.
Make sure battery is topped up.
P.s, do you get battery charging light when u charge?

If by trying these things it is totally dead, DONT pay the repair centre nothing. It needs a new motherboard and samsung "should" do that for free. Good luck mate :beer:
#4 funkylogik, Nov 16, 2013
Thanks for info! No, no battery light, no Download mode. The phone is under warranty, but my warranty card is in South Africa, I'm in the UK. I'm only going back to SA after Christmas, and not sure if I'll make it without my phone...

I'll take it in to a Samsung dealer and see if they're able to do anything without the card.
#5 sixhobbits, Nov 16, 2013
It is true that if the device is up-to-date then you won't get SDS, however, if the damage was already there before the updates, then it might be still affecting the phone.
#6 sherlock5545, Nov 16, 2013
Id still take it to samsung. Good luck and be firm with them. Its a known bug and its samsungs fault, well known to them :beer:
#7 funkylogik, Nov 16, 2013