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Support Set Homepage in Chrome for Android

I can find no option in Chrome for Android to set a homepage. The only help Google gives is for the desktop version. I would really like to open Chrome on my N7 and have it go automatically to my homepage of choice. Anyone have a solution?


#1 Groid, Aug 14, 2012
This was discussed a while back and not sure if there was a solution. One work around is to put the link on your desktop. It'll launch both Chrome and that particular site.
#2 breadnatty08, Aug 14, 2012
This is not possible "yet" in chrome but as dreadnatty08 suggested you can add a bookmark to your device homescreen:
Using the stock browser (probably the same in Chrome to):
* open your bookmarks by clicking the icon that looks like a pile of books (?!)
* click the icon with a star
* click and hold the bookmark you want to copy to your homescreen until a menu appears
* click add shortcut to home
* Example with wikipedia:

Anyways, I suggest you use Dolphin Browser which is really something, it has many options and is far more performant that Chromium - which is the fastest on desktops: Dolphin Browser is
#3 kadimi, Aug 14, 2012
This reply is a bit late in the game but there IS a way to set a default home page for Chrome mobile, but only if your Chrome version has the Home button in the browser bar. Some versions/ devices DO have it and others don’t.

To set a default Home page, go into Settings and tap “Home Page (“On” or “Off”)” and then tap on “Open this page” and you can edit the URL for the page you want set as your Home page, and then hit “Save” of course.

That's it--easy but not obvious.
#4 SaVvvV, Oct 4, 2015
It still opens the last visited pages, not the homepage you can set there. it goes to that homepage when you first close all tabs before leaving chrome
#5 spacesnow, Aug 23, 2016