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Tips skip activation for wifi only

I've got 2 droid x2s that got factory reset accidentally and I no longer have Verizon services. I want to activate it for just wifi use but haven't been able to find any guides on how to do that with Droid x 2. I've tried tapping the four corners that several other phone guides says works but it hasn't with the Droid x2. Anyone that knows how to skip activation you help would be greatly appreciated.


#1 alive9035, Oct 9, 2012
Googled it and found a few results:

Tomsgt123 channel on Youtube has alot of other great DroidX2 videos. Basically on this one he physically demonstrates what is written above.
How to Bypass Motorola Droid X2 activation - YouTube
#2 coolpoete, Oct 10, 2012
i have used the 4 corners skip, several times on my dx2
but lots of people have said it didn't work for them

also some have had trouble signing in to google after bypassing activation
try signing in through browser first
#3 themib, Oct 17, 2012
I bypassed mine by just touching the little android guy before the pointing finger showed up, much easier.
#4 OkeeChloe, Oct 24, 2012