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Tips Tether 4g blocking bypass

I have a solution for bypassing metropcs hotspot/tether blocking/deep packet inspection but I prefer not to post publicly so they will not try to block it. Please pm me if interested.

If there's no danger in metro trying to block it, then I'll post it. It involves proxying.



#1 Nintendo1889, Feb 12, 2014
So do I.

Buy a non-carrier branded phone.

Bruce in Ocala, Fl
#2 OcalaFlGuy, Feb 12, 2014
Hi I was interested in your fix for the tething on my motion because for some reason after I had to do a factory reset I am not able to use it any more it worked before I reset it but thanks for help if you can
#3 Jpsantos, Apr 10, 2014
There's no danger posting here. It took metro quite a while to block tethering in the first place.
#4 sammyz, Apr 15, 2014
I did not know they blocked it i use around 20-30 gigs a day tethering
#5 drobotclone, Apr 17, 2014
I've posted it here. As I make changes, this is where I will update it:

#6 Nintendo1889, May 12, 2014
Hi i have a rooted phone but i would like to get around metro pcs hotspot block
#7 dkhutchy, Oct 30, 2014
How can i bypass metropcs tether my friend
#8 eatmysquattypunk, Oct 31, 2014
Please let me know how overpass metro pcs hotspot . Appreciate thanks :)
#9 italianissima, Nov 6, 2014
#10 liquidzim, Dec 7, 2014
Please give me your secret. Thanks
#11 Manuelmen79, Dec 10, 2014
Is that what i need to allow my pc tp use internet? If so send to me, please!
#12 DeMajrea, Feb 15, 2015
Can you give me a hand. I'm trying to figure this out. Stuck.. Thanks.
#13 djseyuz, Feb 18, 2015
I need help nintendo with tether !!
#14 Ryu, Feb 19, 2015
#15 Ryu, Feb 20, 2015
Hi, are you familiar with the ZTE ZMax?
#16 sumsum0420, Mar 6, 2015
How do i do it with tmoble ? is jailbreak for android called root for android ?
#17 Ryu, Mar 8, 2015
Could you tell me how I can bypass to have unlimited hotspot please
#18 Certifiedusd, Nov 24, 2015
Could you tell mr how to bypass metro pcs check my account when tethering
Email is info @technicol.com or richardsluc@gmail.com
#19 Luc Richards, Apr 28, 2016
Hello Mr Nintendo, I'm having the same problem and I need help with that answer. I just upgraded to the $60 plan with Metro and I also have the FoxFi however, it's using my hotspot data and now I'm already almost maxed out of my hotspot data. Please help. Thanks in advance.
#20 Lucky Tuba96, Dec 21, 2016