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Tips The BL-44JN Extended Battery thread: Links, Discussion, and conclusive testing

The Extended Battery Overview thread!
Reviews and testing of aftermarket BL-44JN extended batteries by myself and others on AndroidForums​

Hey folks! One of the biggest problems with the LG Connect is the battery: Although the stock LG 1500 mAh battery is decent enough quality wise, 1500 mAh just isn't enough for this phone. Plus, the temperatures get way out of hand with the stock battery. So, I decided to combine all the batteries and discussion about them from these forums with some solid testing I did on some of them with an industry grade tester.

It's worth buying a battery just for the temperatures: most aftermarket batteries do not have the overheating problem that the stock LG battery has. In terms of runtime, there really isn't a worthy Slim extended battery at this point, but it seems like the thick batteries with the cases do actually help you get through the day on a single charge.

I hope this helps! Be sure to reply with any additional information you have and I'll try to work it into my post.

Thread info,my test methods, disclaimers, etc:
  • Testing was done with a Cadex C7400ER. I simply set the machine to Auto, which charges and discharges the battery to the specified capacity twice and reports the results as a percentage of the specified capacity. This gives me the actual capacity for each battery.

  • If you see a battery on the web you want tested, PM me and I'll see what I can do. If it's cheap enough, I'll buy it for myself and report my findings. Otherwise, I'll take donations :D
  • Disclaimer: I may have gotten a dud, all of the batteries I condemn may actually be really awesome and I just got a bad one. That said, I browse these forums alot and generally my opinion reflects that of other owners around here. They probably just suck.
  • I'll add any other feedback on batteries from around AndroidForums as I come about it.
  • Thread History:
    2/13/12: Added the bestmatch BL-44JS + kanaida testimonial. Will add machine tests when I recieve the battery
    7/15/12: Thread Created with 4 Slim batteries. No Extended batteries yet.

Slim Batteries

Stock/OEM LG 1500 mAh
Buy Links:
Batteryking on Amazon | ~$5 | US
Rated Capacity: 1500 mAh
Tested/Actual Capacity: 1500 mah

Thoughts/Verdict: Stock LG Batteries are, at the very least, true to their ratings: You get what it says in the specs. This is probably your best bet in terms of a battery right now; none of these "extended" slim batteries come remotely close.

Mugen 1800 mAh
Buy Links:
DailyDeal.com | ~$45 | US
Rated Capacity: 1800 mAh
Tested/Actual Capacity: ?
Percent compared to stock: ?

Thoughts/Verdict: Way too expensive. I'm not going to buy one to test, and it looks like others haven't been either. Not worth it even if it turns out to be 1800 mAh. Do Not Buy.

BestMatch 1900mAh BL-44JS
Buy Links:
Bestmatch via Amazon | ~$15 for 2| Ships from Hong Kong
Rated Capacity: 1900 mAh
Tested/Actual Capacity: ~1050 mAh (~55% of 1900)
Capacity as % of stock LG battery: 70%

Other Reviews/Testing:

  • Kainada reports that after a few charge cycles, battery lasts consistently longer than stock

Thoughts/Verdict: Garbage. Complete and utter garbage. TWO batteries tested at just over half their rated capacities after two full charge cycles. Do NOT buy.

Feipusi 1900mAh
Buy Links:
ECell via Amazon | ~$13 | Ships from UK
[​IMG]Bessky via Ebay | ~$6 | Ships from China
[​IMG](2 Pack + Charger) Bessky via Ebay | ~$16 | Ships from China
Rated Capacity: 1900 mAh
Tested/Actual Capacity: ~1300 mAh (69% of 1900 mAh)
Capacity as % of stock LG battery: 85% Runtime

Thoughts/Verdict: Not even close to it's rated 1900 mAh. Do not buy if you're looking for an actual extended battery. That said, two of these with external charger for $16 isn't bad, so if you're looking for a couple of spare regular batteries, this isn't the worst deal—just don't expect any improvement.

Gold 2430mAh Business Battery
Buy Links:
ECell via Amazon | ~$20 | Ships from UK
[​IMG]ECell via eBay | ~$22 | Ships from UK
Rated Capacity: 2430 mAh
Tested/Actual Capacity: ~1200 mAh (49% of 2430 mAh)
Capacity as % of stock LG battery: 80% Runtime

Other Reviews/Testing:

Thoughts/Verdict: Disgustingly bad; clocks in at about half of what it should be, making it far worse than even the stock LG battery that came with the phone. Do not buy this battery under any circumstances. It's priced like an extended battery but runs like something from a flea market.

Gold 2680mAh Business Battery
Buy Links:
ECell via Amazon | ~$23 | Ships from UK
[​IMG]ECell via eBay | ~$23 | Ships from UK
Rated Capacity: 2680 mAh
Tested/Actual Capacity: ?
Capacity as % of stock LG battery: ?

Other Reviews/Testing:
Review of a different GOLD battery by d33ps1x @ XDA shows "underachievement of the ECell Gold compared to it's advertised capacity"

Thoughts/Verdict: No conclusive test data or testimonials yet, but I wouldn't fall for this. If it's anything like the GOLD battery above, it's going to be slightly worse than the stock LG battery... certainly not extended-life.


#1 CossRooper, Jul 15, 2012
Reserved For Thick Batteries

edit 2/13/13 - Probably not going to do thick batteries, I like my phone slim.
#2 CossRooper, Jul 15, 2012
Crap, I just bought a Feipusi one too, based off some recommendations in these forums. At this point I may try a LG OEM BL-44JS, which people say should fit the connect and offer 1700mah...

Just out of curiosity, can you test the stock LG BL-44JN battery?
#3 SegamanXero, Jul 18, 2012
I bought the Feipusi battery and yah, I was very dissappointed with its performance

Both batteries with JD on running BrokenOut Rom with CPU profiles set for screen on/screen off I get about 12 hours of straight standby time. One note however, The Feipusi battery (even though it does not seem to REPORT the correct battery temperature) does not get NEARLY as hot under load as the stock LG battery, leading me to believe that the stock LG batteries do indeed have a problem. Im thinking that the C value (the max current expressed as a percentage of total capacity if you dont know battery lingo) is not high enough to support the hardware we have, the battery is simply not good enough for the phone, OR they just had a large batch of bad batteries. Either way, Im using the Feipusi one until I find a slim battery that actually holds more current. When I get some money together (Im currently out of a job right now) I am considering getting the 2680 as it is pretty cheap, and even if its capacity is only 60-75% of what it claims it will STILL be an improvement on stock, and if it doesnt overheat (as I suspect it wont, everything Ive heard is that none of the aftermarket ones heat up as bad as the stock one, even the cheap Chinese made ones) then thats just a bonus.

Edit: BTW Segaman. Where can you find the 1700 mah stock LG batteries? I have never seen an LG battery larger than 1300. I would DEFINITELY be willing to pay $40 or so for that as I would assume an LG battery would more likely be accurate in its claimed capacity. Those probably wouldnt overheat either.
#4 KA24DERACER, Jul 18, 2012
Hello Fellow LG Connect users.

OK, Here is my input on the "Battery" issue. I'm really a "noobie" here, But when I got my LG Connect I decided to get a spare, as well as the extended battery/cover.

I purchased the Q-cell via amazon ($19). It says it's 3850 mah. Although it is thicker, I found that by following the proper charging sequence (drain it to about 10 %, and then charge for minimum of apx 12 hours) that it pretty much last all day (12 hours). My usage has been music and watching converted dvd movies (2+ hrs). It does get warm per se, but not hot. With the extended Cover I do think it feels better in your hand. It is a noticeably heavier overall package. The extended cover fits, but I suspect that if you drop your phone it will pop off. I say this since with I am able to pry it open easily with my fingernail (bottom slot).
I also got one of the Feipusi 1900mah battery because of its slimmer size package. Haven't tried it yet, but after reading one comment on it (cooler), my impression is that it seems cooler because of the wrapper on the battery. I'll give my input on this battery once I start using it.
And finally in a slightly related item, I found an Empire case that works with the Q-cell extended Battery (Amazon). It advertise as fitting several different phones. I can't remember exactly which it was since I did order several cases when I purchase various accessories.
I don't know if any of this is helpful. My 2-cents worth.
#5 SMBguy, Jul 20, 2012
It's on verizon's website for $19.99... I am sure you can get it from LG directly as well, it is a BL-44JS for the LG Lucid. I am not sure if it will work my self, I haven't tried it. But people keep posting in this section of this forum that it fits and will work. I might order one when I have money to spare and try it out...
#6 SegamanXero, Jul 20, 2012
This is the battery I just recently purchased, says Made in China, but it was cheap enough and worth to give it a shot since its intended for the LG Viper phone.

Replacement Li ion Battery for LG Lucid 4G VS840 Viper 4G LTE LS840 | eBay

Anybody every bought one of these? Doesn't have a brand name on it so maybe better than others.
#7 Vyrus69, Dec 5, 2012
o.k, are any extended capacity (fat) batteries for this phone that aren't after market cr@p, and will still be working after 2 weeks.
#8 cueman98, Dec 15, 2012
#9 jmwinf146, Dec 15, 2012
Actually I will now stay AWAY from the chinese "slim extended" batteries. This thread verified that they were crap. As for "Fat Extended" batteries, I would be willing to try one out. I am sure they will be higher capacity, even accounting for them lying about there capacity. I am willing to bet a Chinese Fat Extended battery which claims to be 3000mah, will be at least between 1900~2000mah.

There is an OEM LG 3000mah battery that will theoretically work. I will acquire it and test it. If after I verify it works, I will have to find a extended back that will fit it, or make an extended back...

Also, someone should sticky this thread. It is very informative!
#10 SegamanXero, Dec 20, 2012
Well someone in this foum did the same tests on the qcell3850 and said it was actually testing at 3850, which is why i bought It, but i cant remember for the life of me what thread it was in...
#11 jprosek, Jan 28, 2013
Just got 2 BL-44JS in the mail. Charging now, let you guys know what I find. So far I see that these have a max temp of 60C vs 40C. If it's true it should mean they'll last longer (from less heat damage). The mAh of 1900 is yet to be seen. Remember to let your battery completely die first, then charge to 100% before using or they will run much less than intended.
#12 kanaida, Jan 29, 2013
I ran these puppies for 2 days. I'm using the Rom #2 1.7.
I get about 10 hours which is far below 1900mAh, but just about long enough to work and go home, that's ok to me.

As for my rebooting issues, completely gone so far. Hasn't rebooted when taking photos or randomly. also it's been averaging about 24C, that's a really good temp.

On another note, for $10 I got 2 of these so i'd say it's worth it. Just not as good as advertised.
#13 kanaida, Jan 31, 2013
After conditioning 2 days my batt life is increasing. About 14hrs now :)

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#14 kanaida, Feb 1, 2013
My battery life keeps increasing after fully draining then charging to 100%. Now its up to 16 to 22hrs ;) hopefully it keeps going up. Just goes to say even cheap batteries work but u gotta charge em properly daily for a few days.

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#15 kanaida, Feb 4, 2013
Hello good sir, could you link me to the exact BL-44JS you bought? I'm quite interested in testing and using one. Thanks for keeping us posted on that!

(oh and sorry for abandoning this thread, too... I gave up all hope for a while there but this new rom development has peaked my interest again. I'll update it with results from this BL-44JS)

EDIT: Nevermind, saw your other thread. Just bought them as well, waiting for them to ship but I'll add your testimonial to the thread
#16 CossRooper, Feb 13, 2013
Bad news dudes, the BestMatch BL-44JS Lucid/Viper battery is not the answer. See my above results. They tested at half of what they should be. Onward with the search!

I'm thinking about going with the OEM LG BL-44JS, which appears to be 1650 mAh out of the box (and LG's ratings are accurate). Has anyone tried these?
#17 CossRooper, Mar 23, 2013
Have you tried the vv4 update? After updating I took off the extended battery and went back to the stock slim battery. It's working out great for me.
#18 jmwinf146, Mar 24, 2013
I haven't yet, but I'm downloading and charging my battery to right now! Can't wait.

I'm going to miss Ldrifta's ROM though... I'm sure all of his edits helped battery life, as well. Hope we can get vv4 rooted and all the goodies ported soon.
#19 CossRooper, Mar 25, 2013
Tomorrow will be my first day with vv4, we'll see how that goes.

I also just purchased an OEM LG BL-44JS battery. They're rated at 1650mAh, so they're the closest thing to something of a upgrade in a slim battery available. Should have a test up on that in the next few days.
#20 CossRooper, Mar 27, 2013