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I have a galaxsy s5 906k and I've been reading on how to unlock the bootloader as I'm trying to install Remix OS and it seems I've come across a lot of misinformation.... and if possible can someone tell me what exactly I need to unlock the bootloader, as I can't find a list of the appropriate tools? Do I need twrp for my specific device?? Some have said yes and some no.

My phone is already rooted.

Also post unlock bootloader question, can I use the 900k rom from remix to install on my 906k?

I can only boot into download mode, not fastboot mode. adb devices returns the device, but fastboot devices returns nothing. Tried adb reboot-bootloader`and it just shows waiting for any device.

These all boot into download/odin mode!!!!!!

adb reboot download

adb reboot bootloader / adb reboot-bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot flashing unlock

Only one that boots into recovery mode! Then I go to Reboot to bootloader and it comes back to recovery mode!!!!!!!!!!
adb reboot recovery


#1 3TScott, Aug 11, 2017 Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
I was not aware that the Korean carrier minority variant of the Galaxy S5 Prime, G906K, intended for use on the KT Corporation network, had a locked bootloader. In any case, the custom ROM for Remix for the G900K will not be compatible with your phone. See, 42 Galaxy S5 models - Dummies Guide
#2 ironass, Aug 11, 2017
Oh Jesus really!??!?! I've been trying for hours to get into fastboot mode and every time would bring me into download mode... I tried everything to see if the bootloader was locked/unlocked, couldn't find any confirmation of it.

I know the Samsung variants aren't the same, but the 900k is the closest to mine. Only difference is the amount of ram.
#3 3TScott, Aug 11, 2017
I am afraid that, "close", is not good enough. IIRC, the 906K has 3GB of RAM as opposed to 2GB on the 900K and has a Snapdragon 805 chipset unlike the 900K's Snapdragon 801. Not to mention the difference in display sizes and modem/radio... and the list goes on.

ironass motto... "Flash in haste... repent at leisure" ;)

(N.B. The 906K minority variant for the KT network, S.Korea, is not fully compatible with most networks worldwide. See, Will My Phone Work?)
#4 ironass, Aug 12, 2017 Last edited: Aug 12, 2017