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Root Verizon Galaxy Note 3 (5.0) Root?

Greetings all,

Just looking to see if there is any root yet for those who have updated to android version 5.0. Im using a Verizon Galaxy note 3. I apologize if this is a copy of another thread, in that event please direct me to it.



#1 mmaibl1, May 21, 2015
You can try this method:
#2 AMOCO, May 21, 2015
This article specifically says only the international version will work.

Does anyone know if the 5.0 OTA on Verizon will let us root now? I'd love to get a note and be able to root it but developer editions are impossible to find.
#3 electrolotus, Jun 18, 2015
If anyone here is still in the market for a rooted and ROMmed Verizon Note 3, I have one. PM me.
#4 The_Chief, Sep 28, 2015
This worked for me...
#6 kk1l, Apr 5, 2016