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Way to login to iCloud from Android Phone?

My kids have iPhones and I use to be able to tell where they were via Find My Phone app. I can login to the iCloud account via Chrome Browser on my Windows PC no problem and use the Find My Phone app there. But if I try it on the Chrome Browser on my new HTC One X+, the website says it doesn't support this "browser". I figured try using Safari, but there isn't Safari for Android, makes sense. So I tried Opera Browser. No difference. Appears apple is rejecting the OS (being Android) NOT the browser. A**holes.

I'm still in my initial attempts at ideas. Anyone else figure out how to login to iCloud from Android phone (Jelly Bean.)


#1 consultant, Nov 17, 2012
Don't know if it will work, but worth a try:

Download either Dolphin or Boat Browsers. Make sure to get the HD versions and not the Mini ones. Then in their settings, look for "user agent". On Boat I think it's just swipe right to left on the screen then UA. Anyway, once you find it, select "iPhone user agent". It should make the other end (servers) think you are using an iPhone.
#2 chanchan05, Nov 17, 2012
Let's me login, can't use iPhone though. Have to use Desktop or Safari. Problem is, whatever interface they are using, I'm guessing FLASH, it's too big for the phone which is odd since the resolution is 1280x720 on this phone, about the same as my notebook? But I only see about 30% of the menu and the map and can't pinch to zoom out.

If you use the iPhone setting, it has some detection that can tell you haven't setup the device for the service yet. Doesn't say won't work with that browser though.

Tried both Dolphin and Boat. The +/- buttons on the map work though. I found that if I flip the phone horizontal it shows just enough of the map where the location, which should be in the center of the screen is in the lower right corner. So essentially will do the job.

Also tried changing UA to iPhone, AFTER logging in. It detects it and throws me back to the 'You need to setup this device' screen.

(Middle finger at Apple right now.)

#3 consultant, Nov 17, 2012
What's really strange is you can get the login screen via Chrome if you use the 'request desktop site' option. But the login screen is blown up to not fit on the screen like the menu and the map is so you can't login.

What's even stranger is if you refresh on Dolphin it fits all the menu icons on the screen at first, but then if you click on any of them it blows up again. Sometimes Dolphin craps out too and dumps you to the home screen.

Oh, and anyone else interested in this, you need to go full screen to get it to where you can see the pinpoint location on the map in the lower right.
#4 consultant, Nov 17, 2012
How about installing another app on their iPhones to be able to locate the, like Glympse? AFAIK they have something for iOS.
#5 chanchan05, Nov 17, 2012
Yep. That's another option. Thanks.
#6 consultant, Nov 17, 2012
Do you kids have google account/email or mac email?

If they have gmail, you can use latitude you can see where they are, unless on a subway or plane.
#7 KENNECTED, Nov 18, 2012
I just want to come here and add a minor fix to the issue, I was looking online and no one was able to really answer this question so I spend a whole day messing with my galaxy S4 to get his minor issue to work. I have a ipad and the feature is a security feature incase my iPad gets stolen so its legit a question. I know its a late reply but I spent a lot of time searching for a answer to this and almost pulled my hair out. haha but its good info for others.


In order to log into iCloud.com and track your apple products from an android.

1. You will need to install "Dolphin browser HD"
2 . Add a ADD-ON knowns as "desktop Toggles" and set it to view in desktop
3. go into the Dolphine broswer settings > web content and change default Zoom to 50%

Once you do this you'll find that it's much more snappier to use icloud.com
on Dolphin. I guess before the website loads too big and so its super laggy and is almost unusable.
#8 gkiv, May 9, 2013
So does Dolphin browser work? I have a family member with the same issue.
#9 Droidunited, May 12, 2013
yeah Dolphin browser HD

you need to be in desktop view and change the zoom to 50%

otherwise it loads to big
#10 gkiv, May 15, 2013
I followed the above directions and this worked. It is rather sluggush on my droid, but gets you into iCloud. I use it to track my child in an emergency.
#11 RossRupp, May 25, 2013
Thank everyone for sharing here. Yes, the Dolphin browser works when it is setting as Desktop view and zoom to 50%. I would add that it is important that you select "clear cache" everytime you exit the browser. This will help to get "find iPhone" to work consistantly. :)
#12 EugeneL, May 29, 2013
I could find "Dolphin HD". The non-mini version is simply called Dolphin. This with desktop enabled does not work on Alcatel 903. Clearly icloud.com accepts the https as screen changes to all black, but the browser then crashes to the home screen. I have version 9.4.2. Oddly it says "Previous Dolphin Browser HD". When I tried to start it just now it said "Application not installed' - it then said 'Dolphin browser updated' and started. What on earth is going on?
#13 tonyfirshman, Jun 4, 2013
I meant I could *not* find Dolphin HD, of course! Sorry.
#14 tonyfirshman, Jun 4, 2013
... and I can find no way to set 50% zoom. There only appears to be a pinch zoom on-screen.
#15 tonyfirshman, Jun 6, 2013
Sorry - found that. However even with 50% zoom, Dolphin browser crashes back to home when loading http://icloud.com.

I tired Boat browser with UA set to Iphone. This does load icloud.com, but I get presented with:
. Set up Icloud on this device
. Install Find My Iphone
. Install My Friends

None of these work (of course) as it does not know I am Android (Alcatel 903)
#16 tonyfirshman, Jun 6, 2013
They do indeed, but I need the 'Find my Iphone' features - ie on-screen 'call' message, zap phone etc. Do any of the alternatives offer that?
#17 tonyfirshman, Jun 6, 2013
Wow, I've been looking for this solution for nearly two months. And Dolphin sort of kicks butt. Thank you!
#18 sjschroeder, Jun 6, 2013
I always use Default browser in Desktop mode without any issue with Jelly Bean.
#19 megapu, Jun 16, 2013
Hi guys,
I am using the HTC one. The simplest way to access apple's iCloud is to use its native browser itself in the "Desktop View"

Follow these steps:
Launch the browser
Click on the three dots on the top right
Enable desktop view
Go to www.icloud.com
Hit OK/Yes on the warning message of "unsupported browser"
You are good to go. I used this to track the iPhone that I have and it worked. Try it.

Also, I am not sure about other android phones, but the "Dolphin Browser HD" is not even listed on the Google play store on mine.
Well the HTC One guys won't need it anyway.
#20 singalrohit, Jun 25, 2013
I know this thread is older but I found it on a google search on how to do this...

I just wanted to add to the HTC One post that this approach also works on the Samsung Note ll so it may work on the S4 defult browser as well...
#21 evangogh, Jul 26, 2013
Puffin browser definitely works with find my iPhone
#22 redstar299, Aug 21, 2013
I downloaded this app and I can access Apples's iCloud on my android phone
#23 jsmitht, Sep 23, 2013
I just found a neat trick. Using the Samsung native browser, type in the url "icloud.com" and once the site gives you the "unable to log in error", change under select settings to Desktop View and the site will refresh. Bookmark the site and then select under settings "add shortcut". The iCloud link will added as a screen shortcut and once you log back in, you simply need to select Desktop View again and viola, it works just fine!

#24 jtishk, Sep 23, 2013
Hi jtishk,

You are right! I did as you wrote and couldn't believe it that I got the icloud's login page.
Just amazing!!! A big thanks for that, otherwise I had to spend money on some apps, which merely get the same result. How did you get that idea?
Weird, sad and stupid that this simple solution is not offered by ipad and rotten Apples!

Instead, they bombard Android users with complicated protocols etc., which only PC experts know to interpret and apply... Actually, more and more I start regretting having shelled out $700 for that tricky 32Gb iPad.
I would have been better off spending the money on 2 Galaxy Tabs.
What I don't like at iPad is that they are too intrusive in the user's personal life and implement all sorts of costly, tricky programs into their Pad. Android has much less of that rubbish.
#25 Joh Drinda, Oct 20, 2013