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General ways to mke music volume louder

Is there any way to make the volume for music or anything louderwhrn coming outta the headphones


#1 austin62097, Apr 28, 2012
Downlaod equalizer from the market that seemed to help me
#2 BlitzX, May 2, 2012
This a good app as well as ^^^^
#3 gbiggie, May 5, 2012
Tiz what I'm using to boost sound volume, but mainly from the Speaker(TOO QUIET!)...
Works pretty good - just has a annoying habit of FC'ing often, but re-activating usually works... seems to happen a LOT wen other apps take focus for notifications, like Messaging. >:-/

Urks me that this Muve 'Music' phone is stuck wit sub-par, cheap audio hardware, especially since the ~$30 cheaper ZTE Chorus includes SRS audio!!

WTF's up wit THAT? lol

- GH

#4 grasshoppa420, May 20, 2012