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Support Where to get CDMA WORKSHOP!~

Ok, so this is the second time I posted this, guess it got removed the first time. Well in the PRL thread they say to get CDMA WORKSHOP via a link and state that you do not need the "full version" to flash PRL's. SO my question, is where do you get this? Is it free?


#1 Rebecca928, Nov 22, 2011
i got mine from its the demo version and works fine for flashing prls.
#2 PoorBoy52760, Nov 22, 2011
I went to that website and when I download it and try to open it it says open with? and then searches the internet for the program to open it with and doesnt find any!!! so frustrating! i just want to flash prls alllllllllllready
#3 Rebecca928, Dec 1, 2011
Not sure what your problem is???? If your trying to open a PRL file your not gonna be able to.

Click Here for: CDMA Workshop

Its the demo version, and thats all you need.

Then follow these instructions: Click Here

But let me warn you, if your having this many issues with flashing a PRL then you might not want to do it. If you do it wrong you could do real damage to your phone, or if you start pressing other stuff on CDMA-WorkShop. So if I were you I wouldnt try it till you read some more stuff on the subject and on Droid phones in general.

Just my thoughts,
#4 xPureEvilx, Dec 1, 2011
You can get it here at this link. It is a free version.
If a ad pops up before download just click skip.
#5 jacobglaw, Mar 23, 2017