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Support Will an AT&T HTC ONE M7 work on the metropcs network

Hey guys, looking to change my f6 and get a better phone and leaning towards the htc one m7, I was looking to buy used but saw that best buy had the htc m7 for 300 and I could finance it through them (It is the AT&T version), can I unlock this phone and use it on metropcs? Or should I buy the tmobile version? Will it make any difference?



#1 warock56, Dec 15, 2014
It should work since they're both GSM networks, but if the T-Mobile version is cheaper or the same price, get the T-Mobile version since TMobile and MetroPCS merged. Therefore it most likely will work either with T-Mobile version or AT&T, but if you can go with TMobile just to be safe. Or give Metro a call.
#2 TrevorX5J9, Dec 15, 2014
If you unlock it the AT&T M7 will work on MetroPCS, yes. However it may or may not get LTE depending on what bands the antenna has. The T-Mobile version will definitely get LTE.

Also, I moved this to the MetroPCS forum :)
#3 kate, Dec 15, 2014
Thanks kate, I was not aware of a metropcs forum on here.

After breaking my head I have decided to go with the LG G2 D801 (For Tmobile), unless someone can point me to another phone, it seems like it has better battery life than the htc one, snapdragon 800 and all the fuzz.

I had further questions but I found the answers I needed in the byod thread.

So once again, thanks.
#4 warock56, Dec 16, 2014
Hey guys I'm going through a problem. I have a unlocked HTC one m7 from Verizon and it's on Metropcs. Everything works except 4G AND mms I only get E. I cannot edit my apns the option is just greyed out.. Has anybody experienced this with their Htc? Any Suggestions? I would appreciate it
#5 crl187, Feb 21, 2015
Textra will let you specify the APN settings.
#6 EarlyMon, Feb 21, 2015
Thanks for your info I got mms working!!! I still want to know if I can get 4g working. I'm In 4g lte area but I only get E.
#7 crl187, Feb 21, 2015
The HTC One M7 for Verizon only has LTE on Band 13 (700MHz). This is not compatible with Metro/T-Mobile. You may be able to get HSPA on the 2100MHz band but I believe Metro/T-Mobile has been pushing away from that and expanding into 1900MHz. Please remember to check this thread - http://androidforums.com/threads/metropcs-guide-faq-info-of-apns-bands-etc.810843/
#8 confed, Feb 22, 2015