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Will tmobile galaxy note 3 work on metropcs byod?

will tmobile galaxy note 3 work on metropcs byod?Lets say I buy a tmobile note 3, will it work on metros bring your own device feature?Does it have to be unlocked or not? will all features work as web/youtube? thanks for replies and your patience dealing with a newbie who doesn't know about these things.


#1 poseidon511, May 13, 2014
Short answer yes...long answer read the sticky please
#2 DirtyDee, May 13, 2014
Everything works, the only thing you have to do is buy the phone, buy the sim, insert it then dial *228.... The only thing that won't work is tmobile wifi calling feature that is not enabled in any of MetroPCS plans
#3 b20beast, May 13, 2014
whats the sticky? im new here
#4 poseidon511, May 13, 2014
With the right E911 address the wifi calling should work of its a t-mobile branded phone
#6 Gman9831, May 14, 2014
Yes im using it right now... i made a few threads concerning this...but everything works flawlessly..
#7 Joshuah22a, May 14, 2014
Mine worked on both my Note 2 and 3, although not perfectly cause it kept dropping every 5 mins but I thought it was just my wifi connection
#8 afroag, May 14, 2014
#9 afroag, May 14, 2014
Will an international version of note 3 work with Metro?
#10 jking850, May 23, 2014
Depends so what's the model number?
#11 Gman9831, May 23, 2014
it wont get LTE though
#12 the hulk, May 23, 2014
Samsung N900T Galaxy Note 3 32GB LTE (T-Mobile) (Unlocked)
It states at the bottom of the page for the phone "intended for international use only"
#13 jking850, May 23, 2014
That's a t-mobile branded Note 3 (same as I have) but it probably says for international use only because the IMEI is blacklisted
#14 Gman9831, May 23, 2014
Yup, it'll totally blacklisted lol
#15 the hulk, May 23, 2014
Oh. Well screw that! Backing to searching lmao! Thanks for the input.
#16 jking850, May 23, 2014
just look on ebay, they've gone as low as $350
#17 the hulk, May 24, 2014
Another place to buy used smartphones (in good condition) is Swappa:
Buy and sell T-Mobile in US > Swappa

Phones have an ESN check before being approved so it's unlikely you'll get a blacklisted phone.
#18 kate, May 24, 2014

The only issue with swappa ean check is if its a tmobile phone on eip it will come back clear now but once the person stops paying on it it can come up blacklisted in the future.
#19 timmyh318, May 24, 2014
Could you please direct me to those threads because I just posted and you topic on help trying to fix it
#20 b20beast, May 25, 2014
search for it man, the stuff is posted
#21 the hulk, May 25, 2014
I have one question, my friend found a droid dna like 4 months ago in California, He used it as a iPod and now wants to actiavate it on metropcs. We know the phone is unlocked and everything and it is not blacklisted according to swappa, would it work or would this be a setup by verizon to trick him into activating the phone and then him getting sent to jail? Thanks
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#22 billnye97589, Aug 14, 2014

Its a set up!!! Run!!! Lol no if it comes up clear then the person didnt report it lost or stolen. Companies dont set up stings to get people to activate phones then bust down the doors and arrest them. If it was reported lost or stolen all they do is enter it into the data base as such and prevent it from being activated. As far as it being able to work on metro thats another issue im not sure what bands the verizon dna supported. Thats something he would have to look into.
#23 timmyh318, Aug 15, 2014
Now the actual morality of keeping and using a found device is another topic. Lol one im not touching at all lol
#24 timmyh318, Aug 15, 2014
Lol alright I'll make sure to tell him that, Some guys on another thread told him that It would be setup by verizon and he got really scared. He just doesn't want to go to jail for a phone.
#25 billnye97589, Aug 15, 2014