Extreme Drop Testing the Yu Yuphoria - Super Slo-Mo - iGyaan

Extreme Drop Testing the Yu Yuphoria - Super Slo-Mo - iGyaan
Extreme DROP testing the YU Yuphoria, Full Details here : http://1gn.in/1E3uO31
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Disassembly Of YU YUPHORIA

Welcome to Tech Soultions and Today I wil be going to tare down the YU YUPHORIA For more videos Stay Subscribe Thank


  • Anil Pradhan
  • Vibhakar Mohta
    my yuphoria dropped on the back from one floor on marble. no scratch whatsoever. it had a cover though.
  • Vijaybhoj Raj
    the country itself is not dirty!
    on the first screen test if you looked behind somebody was lying down don't think he was well.
  • Rahul Dharnia
    it wasn't testing of Yuforia but the testing of your slow mo cam
  • harshad sachdeva
    you didnt do motorcycle test
  • Digital Dost
    Yaar Shot Jordaar lagaya :D

    Like #Sehwag ;-)
    Does It Started Otg Support after update
  • sai raj
    give me one mobile
  • Mihir Rabade
    please iGyaan I want to have the back cover of the Yuphoria, my phone survived 4 drops but the cover got its 2 teeth broken.
    Also I would like to know which 'Case' would protect the screen from being shattered like the kickstand case ?
  • Shail Verma Verma
    Do this same with iphon 7 plus 😂😂
  • Khan Noor
    awesome video bro can you make a video for same brand yu yunique
  • Sweet Jay
    ye paidaishi chutiya lgta h 2 mahine se yuphoria chla RHA abhi tk bahot gira kuch nhi hua
  • Rishabh Ranjan
    That's impossible, Mine dropped on the road on the screen and nothing happened lol
  • Raja Saifi
    bhi kyo tod diya ham gribo ko he de de ya yarrr
  • manjot singh
    breaking phone...u can give me that phone
  • VCubing X
    and today we'll be testing something YUNIQUE
  • Shubham rana
    shit man , I just got my phone broken into pieces yesterday , and u over there breaking it like its a piece of shit ? XD bhai mujhe de deta phone XD kyu mene amazon se ye 5500 INR ka order kiya XD
  • Vineet Pilane
    whats the motherfucking comman sense in breaking mobiles, its gonna break any way u hit it.. thats just wasting money in such things..help poor people with that 8k instead of doing this stupidity..
  • Amandeep Gill
    Don't litter, as india is already a very dirty Country.Breaks a 7000 phone and shatters the glass remains on the ground.
  • Arun Sharma
    good youphoria mobile is best
  • Hridey
    Worst phone
  • manoj yadav
    ye sab chod hai mere paas hai screen cars aa gaya gira Jane se aur ab company me warentiy nahi lete hai
  • harshit chauhan
    nycccc shot .....
  • yogesh raj
    you are testing a phone under Rs. 8K, if you are really a tester then proceed further with an Iphone 6S Plus 128 GB version and also do all the tests with it which you did with Yu Yuphoria
  • old freakz
    brother plz sent thatz phones parts plzz bcoz i have yuporiyaaa i need that phons parts . yur rich brother so juzt do it
  • varigonda krishnavamsi
    pichimunda kodaka
  • DEMONIC Scurfer
    Did worse with my Yu Yuphoria😜
  • Broke 8BP Player
    You hit the screen with the bat lol
  • aryaom das
  • UtsavTambi VLOGS
    what you do of gadgets after their review
  • Girrard Spriggan
  • Krishan Gopal
    give me that broken phone u stupids !!!
  • sajid Shaikh
    Now destroy the iPhone 6
  • sajid Shaikh
    Thanks man to show me the durability of yuphoria
  • Indra Pal Dhiman
  • Indra Pal Dhiman
  • Yugansh Tyagi
    Hey there's a man dead behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • DatJohnnyVasvas
    This camera glass!
  • Jiten Chauhan
    bhai phn ki leke chodega
  • Debasis Banerjee
    what about gorilla glass 3 protection.......??
  • Lost Spirit ™
    this guy from igayaan is obese, plays baseball and speaks English...
    just like another American..
    naturally he finds it dirty here :v
  • Lost Spirit ™
    this guy should go to the gym,I hear it's a nice place
  • Shivam Gupta
    very dirty ??? your vedio is dirty not country
  • Akash Jain
    lvly video
  • Jayden Lewis
    You call that 'effort'?
  • Prajesh thakor
    Nice Work Guy's Epic Crash test Love It! and which Camera you are using for slow-mo?
  • Tahir HalimXai
    i wish i could have that option to slow mo the videos to 800fps :p
  • Tahir HalimXai
    iGYAAN in ur video u said "Today we gonna test something YUNIQUE" and see yu has launched therir new phone named YU YUNIQUE..........! LMAO
  • The Hub of Comedy
    Galaxy alfha k sath karo iphone6 k sath karo