Yu Yuphoria Touch Problem - Solution

Yu Yuphoria Touch Problem - Solution
This is the first time i am seeing this problem in my yuphoria
I installed the first bug fixing ota update almost a week ago 
I never saw this problem before that update.

Major Problems In Yuphoria Video -

First Ota Update Video - 

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Welcome to Tech Soultions and Today I wil be going to tare down the YU YUPHORIA For more videos Stay Subscribe Thank


  • Rock*** Sujith
    If i didnt watch this video i was giving service center my mobile
  • Rock*** Sujith
  • Rock*** Sujith
    THank u broooooooo if it could give 100 like i would be given it really worked
  • sharndeep singh
    touch not working when power button press
  • sharndeep singh
    bai power button press krne ke baad touch working nahi karti
  • Akash Saroj
    Thanks yaar
  • Shaik Faisal
    Same problem fuck this Mobile
  • Anshul Yadav
    YU yuphaoria me space dene ke solution ke video dalo please
  • Dizzy cat
    I'm just a kid and my mom needs problems with her cell phone her cell phone is not you know it's an Android but it's not working so can you help me with or you can make a video
  • Ak sh ay
    Guys just remove battery and then turn on
  • Zachary Tait
    Thank you really appreciate the video!
  • Mahida Kokab
    Working thanks🤞🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Prosenjit Mondal
  • Nosrevi Iverson
    how ,,if my phone is a clone oppo?
  • Anita Kutlehria
    lt is not working
  • Ashu Mini
    Yes it work😁
  • Ashu Mini
    Yes it work😁
  • Noah W
    , it didn't work on my phone
  • Abd Raj
    mere phone k sath b same problem ha ...mainy reboot kia phir b nhi kam kr rha touch ...help me plzz
  • Anil Gode
    my mobile not workig
  • Prince Gill 79
    how to install cm 13.1 on rooted yuphoria 5010a in hindi
  • AG Boy
    same problem with yuyureka how to solve it
  • Sai Sathwik
    my phone problem was also same i follow all the procedures but is not workout
  • Archit Save
    Thanks bro !!! though I am using an iBall tablet it worked here too
  • Nikunj Mangukiya
    same problem :-(
  • Isaac Chilyawanhu
    i follow all the procedures to fix it but at the end the problem still exist.How can i do to solve it?Or there is another way?help me,i am using TECNO N2
  • kaneki kun
    is still not working.
  • Ganpat Vishnoi
    very nice video
  • Cyanozen Mode
    I have the same issue bt ist nt working
  • Aakashkumar Verma
    same problem my new yu note...downt keys are not working
  • Rachna Pal
    my phone is running perfectly because i do not install cydrogen mode
  • Subrata Kar
    I am facing same issue.....and tried ur solution then also it isn't worked....how to solve it
  • Amogh Gowda
    my also same problems
  • Pravesh Maurya
  • rajeev sen
    bad mobil same problems
  • komal parmar
    Time-wasting video
  • Rjstyle Rajesh malviya
    mere yuphoria to ruk ruk kr work kr ra h
  • pritpal singh
    i have same problem in yu yunique
  • Tarun Rao
    I am not having
  • jui dhotre
    ohh my god!!!! This really worked on my lyf wind 4 thank u so much
  • Umed Bisht
    same problum.............
  • abhishek bairagya
    Will yu loose all data after reeboot?
  • Susmith Kumar
    mine is the same problem................
  • Shivani Pradhan
    what if the problem continues after rebooting as well?
  • Prathamesh Deshmukh
    Yuphoria giving screen Problem,screen responding late after 3 touches help me
  • Arun Sharma
    Never Never Never Buy This YUPHORIA OR yUREKA mOBILE pHONES Bcause Company will no support you. this mobile is not gud in working. Its screen is showing pattren on all arount its screen. When we talk its Warm & touch is not working
  • Prasad D
    yes ur right
  • krunal keval
    try securiy option as none and sleep time awke always
  • Wasim Akram
    still not working after reboot
  • Sanjeevni Roy
    After doing this same problem, pls email 📧 other option rahulkaushal001@outlook.com